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San Diego Comic-Con International 2015

Peter Jacobson - San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 - Celebrity Sightings at Comic Con - San Diego, California, United States - Friday 10th July 2015

Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and peter jacobson

White House Down Trailer

When USCP officer John Cale is turned down as he applies for a highly coveted role in the Secret Service, he is devastated but cannot find it in himself to disappoint his young daughter Emily who idolises him and his job. In a bid to give Emily an experience to remember, he takes her on a tour of the White House, but what started out as the most normal of days (if a little extra exciting for Emily) quickly becomes a situation of life and death when terrorist groups launch a series of bombs that hit the White House causing a shocking scene of devastation. John now finds himself with the responsibility of keeping his daughter safe from harm as well as protecting President James Sawyer along with the rest of his country. He may have lost out on becoming an official protector of the President, but he now faces a true test of his abilities that is unlikely to go unnoticed.

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Picture - Peter Jacobson , Friday 20th April 2012

Peter Jacobson Friday 20th April 2012 Fox's 'House' Series Finale Wrap Party at Cicada - Arrivals

Peter Jacobson
Peter Jacobson

Picture - Peter Jacobson, Omar Epps, Jesse... , Friday 20th April 2012

Peter Jacobson, Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard - Peter Jacobson, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Odette Annable, Hugh Laurie, David Shore, Charlene Yi, Robert Sean Leonard Friday 20th April 2012 Fox's 'House' Series Finale Wrap Party at Cicada - Arrivals

Picture - Peter Jacobson Los Angeles, California, Friday 5th August 2011

Peter Jacobson Friday 5th August 2011 2011 Fox All Star Party at Gladstone's Malibu - Arrivals Los Angeles, California

Cars 2 Trailer

Lightning McQueen knows he's the best and fastest race car in the world and when he hears about the first-ever World Grand Prix he decides he must enter. Along with his best friend Mater the tow truck they start their journey overseas.

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Picture - Peter Jacobson Los Angeles, California, Sunday 22nd March 2009

Peter Jacobson and Aliens Sunday 22nd March 2009 Los Angeles premiere Monsters Vs Aliens held at the Gibson Amphitheater Los Angeles, California

Peter Jacobson and Aliens

Pipe Dream Review

Somewhere between Living in Oblivion and Cyrano de Bergerac lies Pipe Dream, John Walsh's quirky and endearing little comedy about love, the movies, and plumbing.

Martin Donovan stars as David, an everyday plumber who longs for the torrid love affairs that come with being a movie director. With the help of friend RJ (Kevin Carroll) and a script stolen from client/neighbor Toni (Mary-Louise Parker), David reinvents himself as "David Coppelberg," using Toni's script to stage a casting call and meet endless eligible ladies. But the movie, of course, takes on a life of its own, and soon enough David finds himself in the director's chair, with Toni (who's forgiven him for the theft) coaching him from the back seat.

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Hit and Runway Review

Attention all screenwriters! I have discovered the perfect masturbation material for all you wannabe Joe Eszterhases and Michael Crichtons in the world: Write a script about two guys writing a script. Make sure each of the characters initially will not like each other based upon general stereotypical foundations - such as a black man and a guy from the South, or an Italian guy and a gay Jew. Toss in those standard and predictable dramatic and comedic elements, include a bookworm girl with glasses for the romantic interest, and always remember, keep it as light as non-fat whipped cream.

Just from the press book, Hit and Runway had the smell of a misguided idea. A gay, Jewish man and a straight, masculine Italian guy join pen and prose together to write the perfect movie script for action superstar Jagger Stevens. The Italian guy is homophobic and doesn't understand the meaning of irony. The Jewish guy is Woody Allen's lost twin brother who berates everything and everyone around him with "witty" Allen-esque dialogue. It's a quirky romantic comedy about a straight man and a gay man coming to terms with each other's personal identities and dreams and learning to love, and yadda yadda yadda...

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THX 1138 (The Director's Cut) Review


Once upon a time George Lucas -- the man who virtually invented the "Bigger! Faster! More!" school of blockbuster filmmaking -- was a freshly minted film school graduate stretching tiny budgets into entire worlds. "THX 1138," currently showing in a new director's cut, was one of his oddest, earliest efforts, and one of the slowest and most deliberately minimalist science fiction films ever made.

Shot in San Francisco's then-uncompleted BART tunnels on a relatively low budget with the help of producer Francis Ford Coppola, Lucas shamelessly cribs from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" and George Orwell, not to mention tidbits from Carl Dreyer's "The Passion of Joan of Arc" and other classic films. But at the same time, fans can get a glimpse of early "Star Wars" ideas simmering on the back burner.

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Hit & Runway Review


"Hit and Runway" is the kind of shoestring budget, mock-autobiographical, tongue-in-cheek film festival trinket that has an endearing charm despite the fact that it just screams "my first feature."

Written and directed by unpolished rookie Christopher Livingson, the story is about Alex (Michael Parducci), a hopelessly inept struggling screenwriter whose only ambition is to get rich banging out simplistic action movies in which the hero sleeps with supermodels and belts out zingers like "Freeze you scuzbucket piece of Eurotrash!"

He lives in the basement of his family's Greenwich Village cafe, busses tables part time and dreams of signing a ruggedly wooden action megastar named Jagger Evans (Hoyt Richards) to one of his creations.

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