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Peter Hook Claims Ex-Wife Caroline Aherne Was Physically Abusive

Peter Hook Caroline Aherne

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook has spoken out about alleged domestic abuse he suffered at the hands of his ex-wife, the late comedienne Caroline Aherne, in his new autobiography.

Hook, 60, who co-founded the legendary Joy Division who later became New Order, wrote in his new book ‘Substance’ that he put up with years of abuse that often turned physical during his two-year marriage to Aherne which ended in 1996.

“Yes I loved her, yes she could be very funny, and there were times I felt privileged to have a private audience with such a great comic talent. But she was also a very troubled person and nowhere did that manifest itself more than in our relationship.”

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Peter Hook - Interview

An interview with Peter Hook at Made Festival

Peter Hook is a legend of our time, not only because of the bands he's been in but he's also a true contributor to the music industry whose passion for music has continued with his recent new band Peter Hook & The Light, which play Joy Division and New Order songs live. met up with Hooky at Made Festival in Birmingham where he was performing with his band and Hacienda Classical. Peter's down to earth demeanour, informative perspective and obvious gratitude for his life was inspiring to say the least.

You just got off stage with your band Peter Hook & The Light, how did it go?
I do the sound, so it's was a bit nerve racking. I run back, do 'Blue Monday' and then go back and finish the sound off, but it was nice! It started off a bit weird, took us a while to get used to the acoustics, but then towards the end it sounded fantastic, I must admit. Once the numbers pick up, because the first half is quite soulful and a bit down, people don't know what to expect, but it builds up quite nicely, if I say so myself!

I'm sure the old Joy Division and New Order song are really emotive for you, how do you feel still playing them?
The strange thing is that I think people really appreciate seeing them performed live, because while they may know them all, they've never seen them performed like that, but it's one of those things, that performing them gives the songs that edge, that passion and that enthusiasm, and people really respond to it, it's nice. I must admit when we started I was a little skeptical, I thought how's this gonna work, I just couldn't see it, but every gig we've done has gone down fantastically, and all of sudden you're sitting there thinking sh*t, I've got something here!

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Made Festival Birmingham 2016 - Live Review

The UK is a burgeoning place of activity, a hive of creativity that highlights diversity, acceptance and opportunity. The plethora of people in the UK, who coexist with tolerance and security has created a melting pot of artistic expression. Made Festival is a great example of this, showcasing cutting edge musicians and pioneers of progressive music, based in the UK's second biggest city with a truly multi-cultural population. With legends on the line-up such as Peter Hook and the recently created Hacienda Classical, to contemporary artists such as Rudimental, Stormzy and d'n'b legend Andy C, this festival was looking good.

Made Birmingham 2016 - Live Review

It's great to see cities using their urban spaces with such good effect. MADE was based in the centre of Birmingham, located in the Digbeth Triangle, using indoor and outdoor venues all in close proximity. Combining Birmingham's best visual and street artists, designers, set builders, creatives and musicians, the space looked and sounded great and it all added to an electric atmosphere. 

Saturday was the busiest day with ten thousand people there to witness a world class electronic line up. With great acts on the Made Stage such as NVOY, Chris Lorenzo, Monki, Kano, Redlight and Rudimental headlining, this was cutting edge, eclectic music at its best. 

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Rowetta, Peter Hook , Rowetta Idah - Celebrities and players arrive at Manchester United Football Club, Old Trafford, Manchester for Manchester United Player Of The Year Awards 2016 - Manchester, United Kingdom - Monday 2nd May 2016

Rowetta, Peter Hook and Rowetta Idah

New Order Confirm Release Details Of First Album In Ten Years

New Order Bernard Sumner Peter Hook STEPHEN MORRIS

Indie legends New Order have confirmed more details of their new album, their first in ten years, including its title and release date. Music Complete will be out on September 25th this year, available on Mute Records.

As well as being their first album of brand new material since 2005’s Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (2013’s Lost Sirens was an LP of offcuts from the same sessions), it is their first since the acrimonious departure of Peter Hook in 2007.

A teaser for Music Complete can be seen below, the clip of which contains the album’s artwork which has been supplied by Peter Saville, the original graphic designer for the band and their original record label Factory.

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Peter Hook Plays Ode To Ian Curtis In Disused Macclesfield Church

Peter Hook

Peter Hook, the former bassist with Joy Division, played the band's entire back catalogue in a church in Ian Curtis's hometown on the 35th anniversary of the frontman's death. Delivered in chronological order, Hook played 47 songs in three-and-a-half hours.

Peter HookPeter Hook played Joy Division's entire back catalogue in a disused church in Macclesfield

Hook was joined by the Happy Mondays singer Rowetta, who took on four songs including New Dawn Fades. According to the Guardian, the audience hugged each other during "Disorder" and spontaneously applaud right in the middle of "Shadowplay".

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Peter Hook - Morrisons Great Manchester Run 2015 - Manchester, United Kingdom - Sunday 10th May 2015

Peter Hook
Peter Hook

Peter Hook - The Mirror Ball at The Lowry Hotel - Arrivals at The Lowry - Manchester, United Kingdom - Friday 6th March 2015

Peter Hook

New Order Announces First Album In Ten Years

New Order Bernard Sumner Peter Hook JOY DIVISION

They’re the band that simply refused to die. Surviving inter-band disputes and departures, the death of singer Ian Curtis and any amount of hiatuses, British post-punk survivors New Order have announced plans for their first album in ten years.

The news follows in the wake of a sold-out tour last summer, and lead singer Bernard Sumner told Rolling Stone: “The shows were being well-received and we were enjoying it. It seemed like the logical thing to do.” Two songs have already been completed, ‘Plastic’ and ‘Restless’, which were debuted during that tour.

Bernard Sumner
New Order's lead singer Bernard Sumner spoke to Rolling Stone magazine

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Peter Hook Blasts New Order For Setting Up Joy Division Twitter

Peter Hook New Order JOY DIVISION

Peter Hook, the original bass player with Joy Division, has blasted New Order for setting up an official Twitter page for the legendary group without his input. Depressingly, the Joy Division page was set up to help flog the newly released Lyrics & Notebooks of late singer Ian Curtis and Hook was understandably incensed. 

Peter HookPeter Hook is not happy

"@neworder Thanks for telling me.. As a member of @joydivision it would have been nice to have been informed" he said on Twitter.

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Peter Hook - Hop Farm Music Festival 2014 - Day 3 - Performances - Peter Hook - Kent, United Kingdom - Sunday 6th July 2014

Peter Hook
Peter Hook
Peter Hook
Peter Hook
Peter Hook

Lounge On The Farm 2014 Line-up!

Posted on 07 April 2014

Lounge On The Farm 2014 Line-up!

Peter Hook - Interview

Contact Music caught up with Peter Hook, renowned bass player with New Order during the period in which their use of emerging technology made them Britain's most innovative band. At home in Manchester, "Hooky" told us about Hacienda 30, a new release cataloguing the sounds and DJ's who made the legendary Hacienda one of the most famous clubs in the world, amongst many other things...

CM: Tell us more about Hacienda 30...
PH: We finished off (Factory's) 30th birthday celebrations with a party in May in the car park at the apartments which are where the Hacienda used to be. It was part of a number of events, and we wanted to put together a release that celebrated the DJ's during the club's most famous era as a venue, between 1988 and 1991, so we chose probably the two most prominent ones, Graeme Park and Mike Pickering. I'm amazed that it's been thirty years since we opened the place!

CM: Your own mix features Manchester favourites The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, but how did you choose the rest of the tracks?
PH: After doing the original mix (Hacienda Acid House Classics, released in 2009) I wanted to delve a bit deeper into some of the tracks that might've been missed. What really surprised me at that time was that there were still quite a few licensing problems which meant I couldn't use certain ones at that point, but this time round some of those issues had been sorted out. I've found that your mind plays tricks on you sometimes as well, and music that you thought was great, in hindsight isn't as good as you remember it, and vice versa. I wanted to do a Madchester one as well as I felt that was so important. That may well see the light of day next.

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Peter Hook - Peter Hook and Rowetta Manchester, England - Fashion Kicks 2011 at the Point Lancashire County Cricket Club - Arrivals Sunday 15th May 2011

Peter Hook

Lemmy Review

'Lemmy' is the biographical documentary film of one Ian Kilmister, legendary rock'n'roller and leader of Motorhead. Apparently 2 years in the making the film runs the whole gamut charting his early days in North Wales, hitchhiking to The Cavern to see The Beatles through to moving to London to roadie for Jimi Hendrix. From then he joined Hawkwind and later went on to form Motorhead and concludes with Lemmy in his current abode in Los Angeles where he now resides and has done for several years.

Despite making some of the most uncompromising music of the last 30 years, Motorhead for some strange reason, cross all boundaries. This is undoubtedly down to the enduring appeal of Lemmy - a man who's stuck to his guns and done things on his own terms to the point where he has just ended up being accepted.

Which gives credence to the fact that If you spend long enough doing something and which such conviction, people will eventually come round to your way of thinking. As a rock 'n' roll icon his influence has touched almost everyone who is anyone and the most surprising thing of all about this documentary is the sheer breadth of people who have fallen under his influence. The usual rock crowd is to be expected. Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), Metallica etc but its appearances of others such as Jarvis Cocker, Peter Hook (Joy Division), Mick Jones (The Clash), Marky Ramone (The Ramones) and Billy Bob Thornton that most surprise.

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Peter Hook

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Peter Hook

Date of birth

13th February, 1956






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Lemmy Movie Review

Lemmy Movie Review

'Lemmy' is the biographical documentary film of one Ian Kilmister, legendary rock'n'roller and leader of...

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