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Kit Harington Reveals The Attraction Of Spooks: The Greater Good

Kit Harington Peter Firth Jennifer Ehle

Kit Harington agreed to star in 'Spooks: The Greater Good' because it felt ''relevant'' to his own life.

The 28-year-old actor - who stars alongside Peter Firth and Jennifer Ehle in the British spy film - said he was eager to work on the movie because it's so distinct from the other projects he's been working on lately, including the popular fantasy drama series 'Game of Thrones'.

He explained: ''One of the major reasons why I really wanted to take this role, not only because it had an exciting script, it had pace, it was fun.

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Risen Trailer

After Jesus of Nazareth is crucified and laid to rest in a sealed tomb by the Romans following wild claims of his being King of the Jews by his followers, it is up to a sceptical Centurion named Clavius to quell subsequent rumours of his rising from death. With talk of his resurrection as the Messiah, Pontius Pilate is facing a possible uprising by angry civilians of Jerusalem, and when it's discovered that his body has gone missing from his grave, Clavius and his assistant Lucius have only a short time to discover what's happened to him, not wishing for the Emperor to return to chaos. They suspect his disciples have stolen the corpse and so order the retrieval of all recently deceased men, but when they get no further to finding him, will they be forced to accept an extraordinary, impossible truth?

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BAFTA Television Craft Awards

Peter Firth - BAFTA Television Craft Awards held at the Brewery at The Brewery - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 26th April 2015

Peter Firth
Peter Firth

Spooks: The Greater Good Trailer

Will Holloway is faced with not only the most critical event of his career as assistant to the head of counter-terrorism at MI5 Harry Pearce, but also what has been dubbed the biggest failure by the UK intelligence agency in history when a known terrorist by the name of Adem Qasim escapes from their clutches. Not only that, but Harry's disappearance soon follows, leaving behind few clues apart from a series of encrypted phonecalls. Other members of MI5 have worries of a much broader scale on their minds, that Qasim might be in the process of brainwashing their leader while the whole of London is facing enormous immediate threat. When he stumbles across a global conspiracy, however, Holloway begins to realise that this horror is broader than any of them could ever have imagined.

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Jameson Empire Film Awards

Peter Firth - A host of stars were snapped on the red carpet as they arrived for the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2015 which were held at Grosvenor House in London, United Kingdom - Sunday 29th March 2015

Peter Firth
Peter Firth

Spooks: The Greater Good - Teaser Trailer

Dark times are coming to the United Kingdom. During a handover to MI5 Counter-terrorism leader Harry Pearce (Peter Firth), one of the UK's number one most wanted terrorists, Adam Qasim (Elyes Gabel) devises a way to escape from custody. With a country-wide manhunt in progress, Pearce suddenly disappears, throwing MI5 into chaos. His protégé Will Crombie (Kit Harrington) undertakes the task of hunting down the missing terrorist and finding the lost leader before an attack on London can take place. As he delves deeper into the hidden mysteries surrounding the events, Crombie discovers a worldwide conspiracy with villainous intentions.

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Filming Spooks

Peter Firth - Filming of 'spooks' continues in London - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 15th May 2014

Peter Firth
Kit Harrington and Peter Firth
Kit Harrington and Peter Firth
Kit Harrington and Peter Firth
Peter Firth
Kit Harrington and Peter Firth

Kit Harington Joins Spooks: The Greater Good

Jennifer Ehle Peter Firth

Kit Harington and Jennifer Ehle have joined 'Spooks: The Greater Good'.

The pair are set to star alongside Peter Firth in the forthcoming Big Screen adaptation of the popular UK spy series.

The story follows ex-MI5 agent Will Crombie (Harington) as he investigates the escape of a terrorist during a routine handover, but in order to solve the mystery, he must do so in the face of an imminent terror attack on London.

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Spooks Cancelled After 10 Years On The Bbc

Rupert Penry-Jones Keeley Hawes Hugh Laurie Benedict Cumberbatch Peter Firth

Spooks, the hugely popular Bbc One crime-drama, has been axed after 10 years on the air. Programme-makers said the time was right for the show to make way for "new spy dramas which reflect the changing world around us", reports the Press Association.

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Harry Potter Stars To Team Up For Equus?

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Richard Griffiths Peter Shaffer Equus Peter Firth Anthony Hopkins Richard Burton

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and his villainous movie uncle Richard Griffiths are set to team up on the London stage for a revival of Peter Shaffer's Equus.
Radcliffe will reportedly make his theatrical debut in the drama, which will open on the West End stage in January (07), and recent Tony Award-winner Griffiths is in negotiations to co-star.
Teenage pin-up Radcliffe will play an emotionally-troubled boy prone to nudity and the blinding of horses, while Griffiths is slated to portray his psychiatrist.
The two actors join an impressive list of stars who have taken on roles in the controversial drama, which won the 1975 Tony Award for Best Play. They include Peter Firth and SIR Anthony Hopkins.
Firth and Richard Burton starred in the 1977 film version.

Mighty Joe Young (1998) Review

I'm beginning to get fed up. Over my four years as a critic, the thing which has kept me going is the moderate balance of films. The good balances the bad. I try to see both in equal proportions. But Disney's Mighty Joe Young remake marks the fourth week in which I haven't seen a truly terrible movie.

It's a backwards machismo, I suppose, the urge to see the things which you so loathe; but I need to see a bad film every once in a while. And, you know what, Mighty Joe Young doesn't qualify.

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Chill Factor Review

When will the Hollywood moguls learn? I'll admit that we liked Speed way back in 1994 despite atrocious acting and a bogus plot. But all the money and success that movie earned seems to have given the wrong impression to the big wigs at the major studios. "Action-film-overkill," as I like to call it, has long since destroyed much of the innovation that came from Speed's once exciting premise. We're on the verge of a new millennium here. I only hope that it's going to take a little more creativity to keep us on the edge of our seats than a recycled plot, two stars, and some explosions.

Instead of a rigged bus that must stay above 55 mph, Chill Factor introduces a chemical weapon so powerful that it can destroy a third of the country's population--- but only if it's temperature rises above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Tess Review

Hunkering down with any movie adaptation of a Thomas Hardy novel (Jude, The Claim) invariably means you're in for a long, depressing look at life. Tess stands as one of the longest and saddest of the lot -- this one offered up by Roman Polanski as one of a handful of adaptations of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, one of those famous high school assignments that you didn't get around to reading.

Tess Durbeyfield (Nastassja Kinski) is a naive English country girl sent to do good by her family. She's not two feet out of her cottage when she encounters the aristocratic Alec d'Urberville (Leigh Lawson). Legend has it the similarity in names is no coincidence -- the two families descended from the same royals centuries ago. Never mind the incest, though, here comes the lovin', and before you know it, Tess isn't just taking care of chickens at d'Urberville manor, she's pregnant to boot.

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