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I have watched and rewatched the Columbo movies (all that are available in the UK) and still enjoy them immensely. Pater Falks portrayal of Columbo never fails and I will never tire of the character and the series. He is an outstanding actor in all genre, he is a magnificient showman, comedian, straight actor and is so very generous to his fellow players.His acting has the surefootedness of the hirewire performer, the grip on the part as the trapeze catcher, the depth of the shakepearean actor and the lightness and grace of the ballet dancer. He will not be surpassed.My only regret is that I will never meet the man behind the character - He sits high with those that are the answer to the question - 'If you could talk with anyone in the world for one hour who would it be'.

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by Columbo

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