So, months of fervent rumour mill-turning, rumours that he might finally be a woman and even a fleeting moment where we thought Matt Smith might actually carry on, and here we are: the identity of the next Dr. Who will be revealed on Sundat at 7pm. And Peter Capaldi is the favourite.

Peter CapaldiThe talented Mr. Capaldi

That’s right, Malcolm Tucker, to all your Thick of It fans, will effectively be starring in a kid’s show for adults. Some might not be able to watch for fear that their 9-year-old will suddenly hear the kind of language that made him famous on The Thick of It, while some think he’s suited perfectly.

For a while female leads were considered. The frontrunners: Olivia Colman and Sue Perkins – both excellent in their field with the latter really filling the profile of the Doctor. Colman would have been excellent, too, and deserved a shot considering her remarkable performances in Broadchurch and Rev. Colman has consistently shown seamless adaptability between the dramatic the satiric – the perfect trope for a stab at Dr. Who.

But it looks as though Capaldi will be doing the stabbing – an image not too unfamiliar considering his foul-mouthed exploits at the BBC. This isn’t to say Capaldi wouldn’t make an excellent Dr. Who – he’s a wonderful actor with a stunning repertoire or roles, but it perhaps would have been nice to see a female lead. Perhaps England just isn’t there, yet.

Olivia ColmanOlivia Colman was our favourite - but would she even want the job?

Whoever the new Doctor is, he or she will be unveiled on Sunday, then interviewed by Zoe Ball, of all people, on BBC America. “The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who's taking over the Tardis. For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve," said executive producer, Steve Moffat. (The Guardian)