New photos from the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Why have been released by the BBC, showing the Doctor in full-on mystery solving mode, along with companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and another one of the Doctor’s famous allies – the Silurian lizard-woman Madam Vastra (Neve McIntosh).

Peter Capaldi Dr. WhoPeter Capaldi is set to make his 'full debut' as The Doctor

It’s hard to get excited about a photo gallery, following the full episode leak from a couple of weeks ago, of course, but maybe Steven Moffat and co. are banking on the fact that enough people refrained from watching Deep Breath illegally.

The episode is set to air on BBC One and BBC America on August 23 and will mark the official, full-episode debut of Peter Capaldi as the twelfth (thirteenth? How does continuity even work in the Moffat era?) Doctor.

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Capaldi can also be seen rocking Matt Smith’s ensemble post-regeneration and generally looking pensive in a series of stills.

Jenna Coleman and Peter CapaldiJenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi

Presumably, it will also feature Clara running around without any discernable point and yelling “Doctor!” at a few of the more intense moments. Thankfully, she appears to be in period garb, so we won’t have any more of those “skirt that’s a little too tight” jokes.

As for the supporting cast, we know the Doctor will be fighting the Cybermen, who are some of the oldest monsters of Doctor Who. Madame Vastra’s own ragtag band of companions – her maid and partner Jenny Flint and Strax, the formerly evil Sontaran warrior Strax – will also feature prominently.

Right then. Alons-y, Geronimo, bring on series 8 and may Moffat have mercy on us all.

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Peter CapaldiThe people behind Doctor Who's eighth season are hoping fans held out

Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is ready to be a menacing Doctor