Pop star-turned-TV personality Peter Andre has become embroiled in a war of words with his ex-wife KATIE PRICE after a British tabloid alleged their daughter PRINCESS was injured while in the model's care.
The Sunday Mirror newspaper reports the three year old was returned to Andre's care sporting a wound on her back after a recent stay with Price.
An agent for the Mysterious Girl hitmaker confirmed the incident but Price hit back with a post on her Twitter.com page alleging the story was false.
She stated, "Again lies being reported! As for peter he should know what a real BURN is like look at (son) HARVEYS leg that he burnt while in PETES CARE!!"
Andre has now spoken out about the incident in a post on his website, claiming his ex-wife - who he split from in 2009 - refused to explain the accident until she was contacted by his lawyers.
The statement reads, "I would like to make it clear that the story in the Sunday Mirror about my daughter Princess's burn did not originate from me or my management, I was dealing with this matter privately. I will not be accused of using an accident to gain publicity by Kate. That is completely untrue.
"For the record, the facts are... Princess came back from a skiing trip with a bad burn on her back. No-one had contacted me to tell me my daughter had hurt herself. I tried to contact Kate urgently to find out what had happened but she didn't respond at all. I took Princess to our doctors immediately.
"Because I still hadn't heard from Kate, I asked my lawyers to write to hers - to find out what had happened and why I had not been informed. She then said I was making a big issue out of it. I'm sorry, but my daughter being burnt and me not being told about it immediately is a bis issue."