Even though most of the world never really cared much about The Libertines in the first place, the British press still can’t get enough of the goings on of the short-lived indie group’s main protagonists Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. Ok, so mainly Pete Doherty.

Why? Because since the split of that group, Doherty has lurched from drug crisis to drug crisis, his own band Babyshambles and a lucrative return with The Libertines in 2011 not enough to stop his downward spiral - one that for some reason has proved fascinating for the media. Kate Moss’ former boyfriend has been quiet of late, though, and a new interview with The Guardian is his first in a while. In it he discussed his new life in Paris, and his continuing battles with addiction.

“Being in Paris is me making a statement of intent. It's like saying ‘I'm trying.’ Because it's so difficult to get decent gear over here” said Doherty to the paper. “I've got to make an effort now for my family, my son, my father. I'm not 23 anymore I'm 33 for Christ's sake. I've started the warm-up for the run at it. I'm going to give it a good go.”

He added: “It's not actually that exciting to be f***ed up all the time. The rush that you get from having a good night's sleep is so exotic: to feel powerful and clean, capable and potent, as opposed to washed up, impotent and mute.” We’ve heard this all before of course, Doherty’s had numerous stretches in rehab clinics in the past, and he admitted that he’s still over the problems. You can’t begrudge him trying again though.