Pete And The Pirates
Little Death
Album Review

UK indie fans don't really demand too much - just that the songs be catchy, the energy high and huge enthusiasm throughout (and ideally the kind of cheekiness that sees a band translate the French description of the key moment in lovemaking as their album's title). Pete and The Pirates are a band from Reading who have understood the whole Only Ones/ Las/ Libertines thing really well. From beginning to end, this is quality pop punk stuff - 2 and a half minute songs that draw from every Another Girl Another Planet classic.

Such a joyful noise, such a melodic romp - no deep intellectual deciphering needed here, no messages to save the planet or stop war anywhere. Pete and The Pirates have overtaken town-mates The Young Knives in one leap, and seem set to occupy this summer's Fratellis, Kaiser Chiefs festival love-in. It would be hard not to bounce around in any field this band plays in, especially as they're honing their sound on a stage almost constantly. It's not big, it's not clever, but Little Death is a shouty gem. Album of the week.


Mike Rea

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