Perrie Edwards has asked Zayn Malik to help her work out.

The Little Mix star - who got engaged to the One Direction star in August last year - wants her hunky fiance to ''motivate'' her to get fit since she's too ''lazy'' to do it herself.

Perrie said: ''I've asked Zayn to [help me work out] because I'm really lazy and I need motivating but we never have time.''

The pint-sized blonde insists she doesn't wear make-up to the gym because she thinks it will give her bad skin, and band mates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jesy Nelson agree.

Asked about whether she wears make-up to the gym, Leigh-Anne said: ''Oh, no way!''

Perrie explained: ''When you wear make-up in the gym you're sweaty and then you get really bad skin. You're better off just taking it off - letting yourself sweat and then putting it on nicely rather than getting it on your pores.''

Jesy added: ''When we do dance rehearsals I have to have make-up on. I like to get into character, like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, and I can't do it if I don't have make-up on or I'll feel rank. But if it's just the gym, then definitely not.''

Perrie also admitted she often tricks herself into thinking household chores, including walking to the fridge, count as exercise, while bandmate Jade Thirlwall insists housework can be strenuous.

Perrie told We Love Pop magazine: ''I'll walk up the stairs instead of getting the escalator or I'll walk to the fridge and be like, 'Yeah, that was good for me'. ''

Jade said: ''When I have a day off and I do all the housework I'm exhausted by the end of it. It is very strenuous.''