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Oscarsson Confirmed Dead In Fire

Police have confirmed the death of actor PER OSCARSSON after his home in his native Sweden was burned to the ground on Friday (31Dec10).Spokesman Ulf Edberg says remains found in Oscarsson's house in Skara were...

Per Oscarsson Pronounced Dead After House Fire

PER OSCARSSON, the 83-year-old Swedish actor who starred in over 100 films and television series, has been confirmed dead after a fire broke out at his house in Skara, southwest Sweden last week, reports the...

Oscarsson Feared Killed In Fire

Swedish actor PER OSCARSSON is feared dead after a fire set his home ablaze on Friday (31Dec10), according to the Associated Press.Police spokesman Jan Strommegard says the remains of one person were found on Sunday...

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Youth - Trailer

Youth - Trailer

Set in the beautiful Swiss Alps, Youth sees Michael Caine & Harvey Keitel in a fine piece of work.

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