LATEST: Peabo Bryson's pals have helped get the bankrupt soul star get back some of his most cherished possessions, including at least one of his two Grammy Awards.

Auctioneers for America's INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (IRS) spent Saturday (06DEC03) selling awards, memorabilia and an array of furniture and personal belongings seized from Bryson's Atlanta, Georgia, mansion in August (03).

The IRS, who says Bryson owes $1.2 million (GBP705,882) in back taxes, has refused to disclose how much cash was raised through the auction.

A woman who placed a winning $9,400 (GBP5,529) bid for Bryson's 1993 Grammy for vocal pop duo would only identify herself - and her associates in attendance - as "very close friends of the family".

Bryson's 1992 Grammy for his performance of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with Celine Dion was snapped up for $15,500 (GBP9,117).

08/12/2003 09:12