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Demi Moore Drops Spousal Support Request To Settle Kutcher Divorce - Report

31st October 2013

Actress Demi Moore has backed down in her demands for spousal support from estranged husband Ashton Kutcher, so the former couple can finally settle its divorce.The Hollywood stars separated in November, 2011 after six years...

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Ashton Kutcher Hired As Product Engineer For Computer Giant

30th October 2013

Ashton Kutcher has signed on as a product engineer with the world's biggest Pc manufacturer.The Two and a Half Men star, an avid investor in new technology, has been hired by bosses at China's Lenovo...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Michael Winner At London Memorial

24th June 2013

Sir Michael Caine and Sir Roger Moore were among the stars who gathered in London on Sunday (23Jun13) to remember director Michael Winner at a memorial service.The Death Wish filmmaker died at his home in...

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Def Leppard's Phil Collen Hands Over $20,000 Cheque To Cancer Centre

17th November 2012

Def Leppard star Phil Collen handed over a $20,000 (£12,500) cheque to a California cancer centre on Thursday (15Nov12) after selling off one of his most prized guitars.The rocker, whose father died from pancreatic cancer...

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Insane Clown Posse To Sue Fbi Over Juggalo Designation

12th August 2012

Hip-hop collective INSANE CLOWN POSSE are set to file legal action against the Fbi after the law enforcement agency classified their followers as a gang.The horrorcore ensemble announced that they would be seeking legal action...

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Carrie Fisher And Susan Sarandon Among Names Lined-up To Voice On Dishonored

3rd August 2012

Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher, will feature alongside such Hollywood heavyweights as Susan Sarandon and Michael Madsen, as the voices of certain characters on the upcoming DISHONORED video game.The fictitious city of Dunwall shall be...

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Sheen Called Mother After Death Hoax

31st December 2010

CHARLIE SHEEN rushed to call his mother when false reports of his death surfaced over Christmas (10) - to assure her he is still alive and well.A death hoax story, which surfaced online on Sunday...

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Pink: 'Parents Should Spank Their Kids'

2nd November 2010

Outspoken pop star PINK has urged parents to be tough on their troubled kids - because she would have died young if it hadn't been for her dad's hard justice.The Trouble singer fears political correctness...

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Biel Is The Most Dangerous Star To Search Online

25th August 2009

JESSICA BIEL fans beware - she has been named as the most dangerous star on the internet.Devotees to the Blade Trinity actress are more likely to end up falling victim to spyware and virus threats...

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50 Cent Lifted Song Idea From Eminem

10th November 2008

Hip-hop star 50 CENT sneaked a look through EMINEM's computer files in order to draw inspiration for a new song. The In Da Club hitmaker is set to release his latest album, entitled Before I...

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The Verve: 'Political Correctness Is Stifling Music'

4th December 2007

Reformed British rockers THE VERVE have hit out at political correctness - insisting the 'Big Brother' culture is stifling the music industry. Frontman Richard Ashcroft admits the industry is now completely different to the mid-1990s...

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On-demand Bbc Service Goes Live

27th July 2007

The BBC's new on-demand internet service has been set live allowing viewers to download programmes broadcast over the previous week.Today's low-key beta launch of the BBC iPlayer at will see a limited number of...

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Bbc To Launch Iplayer Service

27th June 2007

The BBC will launch its iPlayer service on July 27th offering on-demand TV services to UK licence owners.Viewers will be able to access the player via the BBC's website and can download a programme which...

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Ice-t Recommends Hilton Hit Inmate

7th June 2007

Veteran rapper ICE-T had some words of advice shortly before PARIS HILTON began her jail sentence on Sunday (03Jun07) - assault a fellow inmate to serve your time in protective custody. The Cop Killer singer...

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Moore Rants At Women 'Controlling Bbc'

8th May 2007

Astronomer and Sky at Night presenter Patrick Moore has said the problem with the BBC is that it is "run by women".Talking to the Radio Times, Moore said the shows now on the BBC were...

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Bbc On-demand Gets Trust Approval

30th April 2007

The BBC's proposals for an on-demand television service have been granted final approval by the corporation's governing body.At a date later this year still to be agreed upon, PC users will be able to download...

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The Drifters In "Astonishing" Crash Escape

12th March 2007

Soul band The Drifters had an "astonishing" escape from a serious car crash early this morning, police said.The US group were on their way to London when their car, travelling at 70mph, hit another vehicle...

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Lagerfield Refuses To Ban Skinny Models

31st January 2007

Chanel designer KARL LAGERFIELD has weighed in on the size zero debate, insisting the idea of regulating models' weight is "revolting". Lagerfield, 68, refuses to clamp down on super-skinny models on his catwalk, and is...

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Miller Completes Screenplay

20th August 2006

PRISON BREAK star WENTWORTH MILLER is eyeing a second career as a writer after completing his first screenplay. The heart-throb, who plays tattooed jailbird MICHAEL SCOFIELD in the hit prison show, has used his time...

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Irvine Welsh In Munchkin Row

13th July 2006

TRAINSPOTTING author IRVINE WELSH has angered little people across the UK, because his new stage play is about drunken Munchkins having wild sex orgies. The infamous Scottish author's new play BABYLON HEIGHTS explores the wilder...

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Niche Sports Find Paying Viewers -- On The Web

23rd June 2006

Sports that broadcast television and cable networks choose to ignore -- or give short shrift -- are turning up as pay-to-view webcasts, including 250 matches from Wimbledon beginning on Monday, USA Today reported today (Friday)....

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Nielsen To Rate Viewers Watching Tv On Pc's

15th June 2006

Sensing that the days of watching television programs at appointed times on conventional TV sets may be numbered, ratings giant Nielsen Research disclosed on Wednesday that it is embarking on a plan dubbed Anytime Anywhere...

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Cbs Expands Online Offerings

9th June 2006

CBS on Thursday expanded its deal with Apple Computer, agreeing to provide its three weekly CSI dramas, Numb3rs, NCIS, and Survivor to those already available -- at $1.99 apiece -- on the iTunes Music Store....

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Blu-ray Computers -- Conspicuous By Their Absence

13th April 2006

Raising new questions about when Sony will actually release hardware that can play high-definition movies recorded on Blu-ray disks, the company on Wednesday announced a range of new PCs that did not include any Blu-ray...

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Denver Library Allows Movie Downloads

22nd March 2006

The Denver Public Library on Tuesday became the first library to allow patrons to download movies and television programs over the Internet to their PCs or portable media players, Home Media Retailing magazine reported. The...

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Nbc Offers First Tv Premiere On Web

22nd February 2006

In a first, NBC premiered its new Dick Wolf-produced series Conviction not on television sets but on personal computers Tuesday as it provided the initial episode on Apple's iTunes Music Store for free. It can...

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Winning By Censoring

13th February 2006

In order to gain a PC rating for the new Pink Panther movie, Sony movie chief Amy Pascal ordered numerous cuts in the film, including references to oral sex and erectile dysfunction, the Los Angeles...

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Cbs May Put Survivor On Itunes Store, After All

6th February 2006

On the heels of reports that CBS was "cutting out the middleman" and going it alone by distributing episodes of Survivor on its own website, the president of CBS Digital Media said Friday that the...

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Viacom Cable Shows Come To Your Pc

27th January 2006

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park is among the latest TV shows that can now be downloaded (at $1.99 per episode) from Apples' iTunes Music Store for viewing on PC monitors or Apple's video...

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Church Admires Words Of Williams And Gallagher

25th January 2006

Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH has praised ROBBIE WILLIAMS and LIAM GALLAGHER for their trash-talking talents. The teen soprano singled out FEEL hitmaker Williams and the outspoken OASIS frontman as the only celebrities close to...

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