Fallen funnyman Pauly Shore fears he's a sex addict.

The comedian recently filmed a skit for his new reality TV show MINDING THE STORE in which he sits down with a real therapist to discuss his problems.

And, though the therapy session was largely comical, it has given Shore much to think about.

He says, "It's quite possible that I am (addicted to sex). I think parts of me are.

"I've been known for girls - at least that's what people tell me. It's like `Pauly Shore's playmates.'

"I don't go out every night and go, `I have to have sex,' but when I first made it onto the scene in my 20s I was partaking in the groupies and having fun.

"Now it's 10 years later and how long can that last? How long can I continue that? The groupies exist more now than it did before. I'm like the professor of females. They still come around."

23/07/2005 01:39