Well, I guess when your career has reached the nadir that Pauly Shore's has, directing a mockumentary about your own death is the sensible thing to do. In the extremely descriptive Pauly Shore Is Dead, Shore finds himself in present-day career hell (and living in his mother's house after the abysmal failure of his FOX sitcom), so he fakes his own death in order to drum up interest in his career. Later, Shore is discovered alive (after a brief resurgence in "posthumous" popularity), only to find the news of his revival met with disappointment... and legal proceedings.

Shore's movie isn't terribly amusing -- as the single joke wears paper-thin over its 80 mercifully short minutes -- but Shore does pull off a serious coup in recruiting several dozen major celebrities -- Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Vince Vaughn, Pamela Anderson, and more -- to appear in the film as themselves, alongside some lesser-known but equally curious picks -- Heidi Fleiss, Roco Suave, Tommy Chong, and Todd Bridges, to name just a few.

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