David E. Talbert's latest comedy Baggage Claim has desperately failed when it comes to critical reception, and possibly shines through as his worst movie yet.

The movie is about a flight attendant named Montana Moore (Paula Patton) who uses her career to track down her ex-boyfriends in a desperate attempt at becoming engaged before she is forced to attend her little sister's wedding utterly single.

As romantic as the story sounds, critics have not held back in bashing the flick with the New York Post's Sara Stewart remarking, 'Nothing in this movie would actually happen, so what's irritating is that it presents itself as a savvy, 'Am I right, ladies?' dating commentary.'

Furthermore, the New York Times' top critic Nicolas Rapold said it was 'predictable' and 'cliched', and the lead character was 'blandly sweet', while Detroit News' Tom Long simply stated, 'Man, 'Baggage Claim' is terrible.' On the other hand, reviewers were careful not to insult Paula Patton herself; Us Weekly said she was 'too likable to take a pathetic role like this' and Vulture said that although she 'seems to light up the screen' in her movies, she was unable to make 'Baggage Claim' shine.

There was one or two positive statements made about the movie, despite the general 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 'Isn't terrible and is actually pretty charming', said Jeffrey Lyles - but UK audiences can make up their own minds as it is set to hit cinemas on October 11th 2013.

David E. Talbert at 'Baggage Claim' premiere
David E. Talbert has disappointed critics with his latest movie

Paula Patton at Essence luncheon
Critics were quick to not blame main star Paula Patton