Paula Deen's bloopers reel has been released, and shows the TV chef in a totally different light!. Deen is already well-known for her rich, Southern-style food and now, it looks as though she’ll become famous for her saucy language! The video, which was first published by New York Daily News, almost contains more bleeps than words, as the expletives pour from Deen’s potty-mouth.

It’s not just her language that will have viewers’ jaws on the floor, either. At one point, she pretends to fellate a chocolate eclair and declares “my a** ain’t pretty anymore” and in another clip, says to the camera “that’s just about the nastiest meatball I’ve ever tasted.” You may well think that someone had compiled this ungainly collection of clips out of disdain, or malice but in fact the clip originates from Deen herself, the Chicago Tribune reported. It had been created as a “saucy lead-in to her public appearances” apparently, but tour operators were not keen on its content, deciding it was “more fit for a Friars Club roast than a family-themed cooking demonstration.”

The video has already gone viral online and although it may come as a surprise to anyone used to seeing Deen cooking under a controlled TV environment, those who have witnessed her live demos may find themselves un-fazed. She’s known for her racy banter and frequently has her audiences in stitches with her.