Paula Deen's career looks to be at an un-mendable low, with the TV chef's axing from home shopping network QVC being the final nail in the coffin following the backlash towards her racism scandal. The network are said to be 'monitoring' the situation around Deen and will act in due course to determine whether her contract with the company remains in check or is thrown out. In other words, QVC are going to follow suit and fire Paula just like the Food Network did.

The backlash against Deen began last week when court papers relating to a private interview between Deen and detectives were made public. The documents stem back to a 2012 discrimination case filed against Paula and her brother, Bubba, by former employee Lisa Jackson, who claimed that she was subjected to racial and sexual discrimination throughout her time working for Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House. Deen was in court to hear the charges brought against her last month, where she was questioned by an attorney under oath who ask whether she has used the N-word before, to which she responded, "yes, of course," though she added, "It's been a very long time."

On Friday (June 21), the Food Network announced that it will not be renewing it's contract with Deen, which is due to run out this summer. The announcement came less than an hour after Deen had posted a video apology online in which she begged for forgiveness for her past mistakes and asked for a second chance. The top-comments on her YouTube video seemed to indicate that people were wiling to forgive and forget, however the Food Network - and QVC potentially too - aren't so forgiving.

A statement filed by senior officials at QVC was made public on Sunday (June 23) that read, "Please know that QVC does not tolerate discriminatory behavior. We are closely monitoring these events and we are reviewing our business relationship with Ms. Deen. In the meantime, we have no immediate plans to have her appear on QVC."

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