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Grandma - Clip

Elle Reid is an ageing poet recovering from a broken heart following her break-up with her long term girlfriend. When her troubled 18-year-old granddaughter Sage turns up on her doorstep one day, she thinks she finally has the distraction she needs. However, Sage needs $600 and Elle, now being pretty much broke, can't give it to her. Instead, she offers to drive her around on a long road trip to recover cash from various friends and ex-boyfriends; though it's not only cash they find on the way. Numerous secrets are uncovered and old conflict is resurfaced, and Sage is forced to face responsibility and start becoming an adult. At the same time, Elle knows it's time for her to start thinking about the most important things in life, accept the troubles of her past and stop living under the 'tough woman' guise.

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Life After Beth Trailer

Zach is a total mess following the sudden death of his girlfriend Beth and turns to her equally grief-stricken parents for support. However, when they stop contacting him, he becomes confused by their evasiveness and begins to suspect their daughter is still alive. Sure enough, there's a hole in the ground by her presumably previously occupied grave and she appears to have resurrected from the dead. Zach doesn't know what to think, but when he sees her looking just the same as she did before she died, he is overcome with emotion and decides to tell her everything that he wished he'd said before she passed. However, their happy ending is quickly cut short when Beth starts displaying increasingly erratic behaviour - such as biting and eating a man. Realising that she's a zombie complicates things for Zach, who'll give anything to keep her around but struggles to cope with her newfound brutality.

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Admission Review


We generally expect more wacky humour from Fey and Rudd than this comedy, which is packed with perhaps too-smart dialog and a lot of warm sentiment. It's an odd mix, looking for jokes in gender roles and higher education, while also finding dramatic and romantic moments along the way. But in the end, the engaging actors make it worth a look.

Fey plays Portia, an admissions officer at the prestigious Princeton University, who's in competition with her office rival (Reuben) for a big promotion as their boss (Shawn) gets ready to retire. Unhelpfully, Portia's long-term boyfriend (Sheen) chooses this moment to leave her. Diving into her job, she visits a progressive high school where the director John (Rudd) is trying a bit too hard to get her to consider unconventionally gifted student Jeremiah (Wolff) for admission to Princeton. Then John tells Portia that he thinks Jeremiah is the son she gave up for adoption 18 years earlier. Meanwhile, Portia's aggressive feminist mother (the superb Tomlin) brings up even more past issues she's never quite dealt with.

The way the screenplay piles all of this on Portia at the same time is more than a little contrived, but Fey juggles it effortlessly, throwing hilariously intelligent one-liners around even in the more intensely serious scenes. Opposite her, Rudd is more understated than usual, and also creates a strongly defined character as a rootless wanderer who just wants to help make the world a better place, but needs to pay more attention to his adopted Ugandan son (Spears). Yes, screenwriter Kroner throws in every variety of parent-child issues too.

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Picture - Paul Weitz and Nat Wolff... New York City United States, Tuesday 5th March 2013

Paul Weitz and Nat Wolff - Admission' premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 - Arrivals - New York City, United States - Tuesday 5th March 2013

Paul Weitz

Admission Trailer

Portia Nathan is a prim and proper admissions officer for the prestigious Princeton University and finds herself living a consistent, routine life with rules and specifications that she is uncomfortable to veer from. During a visit to recruit possible admissions to the college, she calls at a rather unconventional countryside high school headed by John Pressman, a classmate of hers that she met when she was in college. While he is determined to steer Portia towards some rather gifted students of his, he also wants to introduce her to a boy named Jeremiah who he believes is a prodigy and also the he was the child that she gave up for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy in college. John and Portia find themselves falling for each other and while John is happy to let things take their course, Portia is adverse to the idea of romance but she soon finds her life moving towards the kind of happiness she never knew she could have while at the same time doing everything in her power to get her biological son to college - even if that means breaking rules to do so.

'Admission' is a wonderfully heart-warming romantic comedy directed by comedy genius Paul Weitz ('About a Boy', 'American Pie', 'Little Fockers') and written by Karen Croner ('One True Thing', 'Cold Sassy Tree') and novelist Jean Hanff Korelitz in her screenwriting debut. It is set for release on March 8th 2013.

Starring: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen, Wallace Shawn, Gloria Reuben, Nat Wolff, Lily Tomlin,

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Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in Admission, Comedy or Drama?

Tina Fey Paul Rudd Paul Weitz

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are two super-heavy weights in the contemporary American comedy scene, so with the prospect of a movie starring the two of them we expect to be the biggest barrell of laughs around. However, despite being billed as a dramatic comedy, the trailer implies that Admission will be much more of an emotional venture than we'd ever expect. 

Fey plays Portia, an admissions officer at the Ivy League university, Princeton. On a standard admissions trip she bumps into her old classmate, played by Paul Rudd and is painfully thrust into a situation that forces her to confront some ancient secrets from her own life. Though light hearted, the film certainly deals with some heavy topics, such as single-parenthood and parenthood itself, so despite the incredibly funny cast, it looks as though this movie could render as many laughs as tears. Fey seems more than comfortable in the change of role and Rudd has always been a bit of a dramedy chameleon, so while the trailer doesn't look to light up our lives with extraordinary cinematic originality, it certainly wont be a flop.

Admission is directed by Paul Weitz, who's responsible for About A Boy (another dramedy) and also features Lily Tomlin, Gloria Reuben and Michael Sheen. It opens in US cinemas on March 8th next year, but will be reaching the UK much sooner- December 21st. 

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Picture - Paul Weitz , Monday 7th May 2012

Paul Weitz Monday 7th May 2012 Opening night after party of the Off-Broadway play 'Lonely, I'm Not' at the Second Stage Theatre

Picture - Christopher Jackson, Carole Rothman, Paul... , Monday 7th May 2012

Paul Weitz, Lisa Emery, Mark Blum, Olivia Thirlby and Topher Grace - Christopher Jackson, Carole Rothman, Paul Weitz, Lisa Emery, Maureen Sebastian, Olivia Thirlby, Topher Grace, Mark Blum and Trip Cullman Monday 7th May 2012 Opening night after party of the Off-Broadway play 'Lonely, I'm Not' at the Second Stage Theatre

Picture - Trip Cullman and Paul Weitz , Monday 7th May 2012

Paul Weitz - Trip Cullman and Paul Weitz Monday 7th May 2012 Opening night after party of the Off-Broadway play 'Lonely, I'm Not' at the Second Stage Theatre

Being Flynn Trailer

For most of his life, Nick Flynn has never known his father. He has remained absent for most of his life, serving time in prison for forging cheques. Nick's father, called Jonathan, is a self-proclaimed poet and spent most of his time in prison writing letters and poems.

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Video - Paul Weitz: De Niro Didn't Sleep On Streets For Homeless Role

Director Paul Weitz (American Pie; About A Boy; Little Fockers) takes part in an interview promoting his new movie 'Being Flynn' at The Waldorf Astoria in New York. He talks about Robert De Niro's character in the film and praised the actor for bringing the 'baggage' needed for the role. When asked if Robert actually became homeless to prepare for the role, Paul said he probably didn't, joking that he wasn't that crazy.

Paul is also a producer; he is the executive producer on the upcoming film, American Reunion, which will be released in May 2012

Meet The Parents Little Fockers Trailer

Our favourite dysfunctional family returns to the screens once again in Meet The Parents Little Fockers. It's 10 years on since Greg and Jack first met, and after finally marrying his daughter and raising two children with her, Jack seems to finally be accepting Greg for who he is; however it doesn't seem Jack's ever going to be 100% happy with his son-in-law, when he finds out Greg is short on money and working for a drug company Jack becomes dubious about Greg and if he'll ever be a strong enough man to lead his family.

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Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant Trailer

Watch the trailer for Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant.

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