Paul Walker’s mother is taking steps to become the legal guardian of the actor’s 15-year-old daughter. The actor expressed his wish in his final will and his mother filed the petition on Tuesday, asking to be named legal guardian of the star's 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Rain.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker's will explicitly states that Cheryl Ann Walker is to be Meadow's legal guardian.

There’s another reason for the petition – the papers say that “parental custody would be detrimental to the minor”, referring to the mother, Rebecca Jo Soteros. A hearing has been set for April 30.

Cheryl is "a loving and responsible person. She works as a registered nurse. She has raised her own four children," the papers say, according to People magazine. "The mother has a drinking problem. Petitioner will act as the guardian of the person and estate of the minor."

Paul Walker
Walker's daughter is also going to receive a trust fund, worth $16 million.

At the moment Meadow lives together with her mother and grandmother in Los Angeles, but the documents say that this has only been the teenager’s living situation for a couple of years. Before 2012, Meadow lived with her father for a year, having grown up in Miami with her mother. Besides the guardianship, Walker also made sure to take care of Meadow’s financial security in his will. He made the teenager the sole income beneficiary of a trust worth over $16 million that she will eventually inherit, the papers say.

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A hearing has been scheduled for April 30.