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Joel Kinnaman: Robocop Suit Wasn't Good For Pee

16th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman had trouble peeing in his 'RoboCop' suit. The Swedish actor had 45lb of armour applied to turn him into the cyborg policeman every day of filming on the new movie - a process...

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Gary Oldman: Affleck Doesn't Need Tips To Play Batman

6th February 2014

Gary Oldman says Ben Affleck doesn't need any advice to play Batman.The 55-year-old actor - who portrayed police office James Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy - insists Affleck will be fine when it takes...

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Sharon Stone Was Furious Over Basic Instinct Scene

7th January 2014

Sharon Stone ''slapped'' her 'Basic Instinct' director the first time she saw her infamous leg crossing scene.The 55-year-old actress had been reluctant to remove her underwear for the provocative moment but had been assured by...

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Dylan Mcdermott Turned Down Showgirls Over Penis Idea

1st November 2013

Dylan Mcdermott turned down a lead role in racy drama Showgirls after director Paul Verhoeven insisted on electronically enhancing his penis for the big screen.MCDermott reveals he came close to being part of the critically-panned...

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Colin Farrell Was 'Dubious' About Total Recall

23rd July 2012

Colin Farrell was ''dubious'' about appearing in a 'Total Recall' remake.The 36-year-old actor - who plays the lead role of Douglas Quaid, originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the new film - admits he was...

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Robocop Star Peter Weller Signs On For Star Trek Sequel

5th December 2011

Peter Weller, the American actor who played Alex Murphy in the Robocop cult action movies, is to appear in Jj Abrams sequel to Star Trek in an unspecified role, according to actor first rose...

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Brosnan's Thomas Crown Affair Sequel In Trouble

16th April 2010

PIERCE BROSNAN's upcoming THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR sequel has been thrown into jeopardy after director PAUL VERHOEVEN quit in a dispute over the script.The former James Bond star is planning to reprise his role as...

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Columbia Confirms Total Recall Remake

26th February 2009

A remake of classic ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER sci-fi movie TOTAL RECALL is planned.Columbia Pictures will be working on the project with Neal Moritz' Original Films, despite rumours of there being a sequel on the books.The original...

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Darren Aronofsky Confirmed To Direct Robocop Remake

25th July 2008

Robocop is to return to the streets with a reboot directed by Darren Aronofsky, it has been confirmed.MGM Studios has revealed that longstanding rumours that Aronofsky, helmer of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream,...

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The Things They Say 6161

14th November 2007

PIERCE BROSNAN's dreams of reprising his sophisticated jewel thief character in the sequel to his 1999 remake, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, has been realised - BASIC INSTINCT filmmaker PAUL VERHOEVEN will direct the film.

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Brosnan Set For Crown Sequel

13th November 2007

Pierce Brosnan is to reprise his role as master thief Thomas Crown in a sequel to 1999's The Thomas Crown Affair.Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven will helm the second instalment, due to begin shooting in...

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Fascinating Fact 3576

16th July 2007

PAUL VERHOEVEN, ALEJANDRO GONZALEZ INARRITU, JANE CAMPION, CATHERINE BREILLAT, EMANUELE CRIALESE, FERZAN OZPETEK and ZHANG YIMOU have been announced as the seven directors who will form the jury panel at the 75th anniversary Venice Film...

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The Things They Say 4569

29th April 2007

"I don't know why Paul Verhoeven cast me. It could be because I have big t*ts!" Dutch actress CARICE VAN HOUTEN on why she thinks director PAUL VERHOEVEN cast her in the BLACK BOOK....

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The Things They Say 4483

17th April 2007

"For a movie that was so hated initially, people seem to like it now." Moviemaker PAUL VERHOEVEN is baffled by the news his movie Showgirls is being turned into a musical....

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Stone Knew About Sexy Basic Instinct Scene

3rd March 2007

BASIC INSTINCT star SHARON STONE knew she was had to shoot a racy scene in the film without underwear and even gave the director her panties as a souvenir. The actress has said she was...

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Stone Grateful For Crotch-flashing Basic Instinct

14th February 2007

SHARON STONE has no regrets about filming her controversial crotch-flashing scene in BASIC INSTINCT, and credits it with establishing her Hollywood presence and allowing her to carry out humanitarian work. The 48-year-old became a part...

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The Things They Say 3853

21st January 2007

"(Verhoeven) has, but probably won't sell, the scented pair of panties Sharon took off and handed him the morning he shot the beaver in BASIC INSTINCT." In his new book THE DEVIL'S GUIDE TO HOLLYWOOD...

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Verhoeven Has Positive Memories Of War

21st January 2007

BLACK BOOK director PAUL VERHOEVEN insists his memories of Holland during the Second World War are positive because of the goodwill and loyalty which held his country together. The Dutch filmmaker lived in The Hague...

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Van Houten's Internet Romance

10th January 2007

Dutch actress CARICE VAN HOUTEN fell in love with co-star and boyfriend SEBASTIAN KOCH after lusting over his Google search results. The sexy starlet decided to do some research on Koch after learning the German...

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The Things They Say 3477

30th November 2006

"She yelled at me to take it out and I said, 'What do you mean? You let me shoot it!' She didn't slap me as she says she did. She's a f**king liar!" BASIC INSTINCT...

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Verhoeven Fears Christian Backlash

30th November 2006

Director PAUL VERHOEVEN is too terrified to adapt his ideas for a Jesus biopic because he fears a Christian backlash. The SHOWGIRLS filmmaker is writing a book about the life of Christ as a man,...

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Douglas: 'Sex No Longer Sells At The Cinema'

15th April 2006

Movie star MICHAEL DOUGLAS blames DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES for the failure of BASIC INSTINCT 2 - because on-screen sex and nudity is no big deal anymore. The actor pulled out of plans for the sequel, but...

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Stone And Douglas Finished Basic Instinct Naked

8th March 2006

SHARON STONE and MICHAEL DOUGLAS spent the final 10 days of shooting BASIC INSTINCT naked. Director PAUL VERHOEVEN decided to let his stars get to know each other while making the movie before asking them...

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Stone Attacked Basic Instinct Director Over Vagina Shot

8th March 2006

SHARON STONE attacked BASIC INSTINCT director PAUL VERHOEVEN the first time she saw the racy sex thriller - after she saw her vagina on the big screen. The actress admits she was horrified with the...

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Verhoeven Returns To Mutiny Movie

25th November 2005

Dutch film-maker PAUL VERHOEVEN is resurrecting a historic epic he abandoned three years ago because of funding problems. The BASIC INSTINCT director announced BATAVIA'S GRAVEYARD - about a 17th century mutiny off the coast...

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Interest In Robocop Remake Grows

15th November 2005

Seminal sci-fi movie ROBOCOP is set for a remake using state-of-the-art computer generating imaging (CGI) technology. The original 1987 movie directed by PAUL VERHOEVEN was a box office hit and spawned two, less successful,...

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Writer Claims Verhoeven Attacked Stone Because She Denied Him Sex

23rd January 2004

Director PAUL VERHOEVEN has been accused of slamming SHARON STONE's acting ability because she wouldn't have sex with him. Movie screenwriter JOE ESZTERHAS is causing panic in Hollywood with his new memoir, which unearths...

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Stone Tricked Into Controversial Basic Instinct Scene

15th September 2003

Movie-maker PAUL VERHOEVEN duped SHARON STONE into baring her genitals in BASIC INSTINCT by telling her he wouldn't film up her skirt. The controversial scene became an instant piece of must-see cinema, and although...

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