Paul Simon was left "disappointed" by his performance at Britain's Glastonbury festival after a mystery illness forced him to rest his voice during the show.
The You Can Call Me Al hitmaker played a subdued set in the 'Legends' slot on Sunday afternoon (26Jun11) and was noticeably avoiding straining his vocal cords to reach the high notes.
After the show, he revealed he's suffering from a bug he picked up on Friday (24Jun11) and was worried about damaging his voice during his performance.
Simon tells the Bbc, "I wish I was feeling better. Unfortunately I came down with something two days ago. It's just lingering. It's a really beautiful day and I was so looking forward to playing here. I'm happy that I did it but I wish I'd done it with my regular voice.
"This was something that I was really looking forward to, and I'm happy that I did it, I'm just disappointed that I wasn't at my best."