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Steve Carell Replacing Bruce Willis In Woody Allen’s Next Film?

Steve Carell Bruce Willis Woody Allen Blake Lively Corey Stoll Jesse Eisenberg Kristen Stewart Ken Stott Paul Schneider Anna Camp Parker Posey Jeannie Berlin

Steve Carell is reportedly replacing Bruce Willis in Woody Allen’s next film. Sources speaking to a U.S. entertainment website have stated Carell is in talks for the role but his part has yet to be officially confirmed by the film’s producers.

Steve CarellSteve Carell at the American Film Institute's 43rd Life Achievement Award Gala in Los Angeles in June 2015.

Read More: Woody Allen Describes Himself As 'Lazy' And An 'Imperfectionist'.

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Hello Carter - Trailer Trailer

Carter (Charlie Cox) is completely down-on-his-luck. Eleven months after breaking up with his girlfriend, he is unemployed and now homeless. When he is inspired to get back in touch with her, he makes his way through his phone-book, trying desperately to get hold of her new contact details. In addition to this, he in a race against time to get back on his feet before he is kicked out of his mother's house - and if he's lucky, it'll help his ex become attracted to him again. Along the way, he goes on an adventure around the city with an accountant and a one-time actor.

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Tribeca Film Festival Ny

Paul Schneider, Celia Weston, Anna Camp, Michael Chernus, Heather Graham, Melanie Lynskey, Ashley Hinshaw, Audrey Scott and and Angus MacLachlan - the 'Goodbye To All That' Premiere during the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival at the SVA Theater on April 17, 2014 in New York City. - New York, New York, United States - Friday 18th April 2014

Paul Schneider, Celia Weston, Anna Camp, Michael Chernus, Heather Graham, Melanie Lynskey, Ashley Hinshaw, Audrey Scott and And Angus Maclachlan

Rashida Jones Leaving NBC's Show 'Parks And Recreation' With Rob Lowe

Rashida Jones Rob Lowe Amy Poehler Aziz Ansari Nick Offerman Paul Schneider

Rashida Jones is leaving the show Parks and Recreation during season 6. She will be joined by Rob Lowe, according to an announcement made by creator Mike Schur. The pair will exit by the middle of season 6, definitely before episode 13. 

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar party, L.A.

In his statement, Schur said the actors were "wonderful, funny" and "committed". He went on to say their absence would be felt strongly by the Parks and Recreation cast and crew. 

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Parks And Recreation Creator Confirms Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones Will Be Leaving Season 6

Rob Lowe Rashida Jones Amy Poehler Aziz Ansari Nick Offerman Paul Schneider

Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones will be leaving NBC's comedy Parks and Recreation in the middle of the sixth episode. The serie's creator, Mike Schur, released a statement on Wednesday (31st July) confirming actors would be leaving and that they would be missed.

Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences hosts a 'Wayne's World' Reunion in L.A.

Parks and Recreation, which airs on NBC, centres on Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) who is the deputy director of the Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town of Pawnee. She is supported by a number of friends and employees, including local nurse Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) and a former state auditor Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe). Parks and Recreation also features Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Audrey Plaza, Paul Schneider and Chris Platt. 

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Nickelodeon's Cody Longo Comes Of Age In Gripping 'Not Today' (Trailer)

Cody Longo Paul Schneider

The trailer for 'Not Today' - Jon Van Dyke's new drama - begins like any other teenage drama. With a desire to see the world, 20-year-old Caden Welles plans an overseas partying holiday with his best buddies, deciding on Hyderabad in India after randomly throwing a dart at a map of the world. After discussions with his parents, Caden is given the green-light to travel half way across the world.

Caden's expectations of a never-ending party atmosphere are blown to bits almost immediately. When he refuses to help a starving man and his little daughter, Caden becomes haunted by the images of Kiran and Annika, however, attempting to right his wrong, he discovers Kiran has been forced to sell his daughter to the Indian human-trafficking trade. As well as Cody Longo - best known for Nickelodeon show Hollywood Heights - 'Not Today' stars John Schneider III, the American actor known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1970s-80s television series 'The Dukes of Hazzard.'

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The Babymakers Review


What starts out as a smart, sassy comedy about infertility gets bogged down in its own potty humour, ultimately becoming a dull caper romp that's impossible to care about. This is a real shame since the cast is clearly up for something more sophisticated and knowing, and the filmmakers seem to have some amusing ideas up their sleeves.

The film opens as Audrey and Tommy (Munn and Schneider) are celebrating their third anniversary and decide to start a family. When Audrey doesn't get pregnant, tests show that Tommy's low sperm count is to blame, due presumably to too many groin injuries while goofing around with his chucklehead pals (Heffernan and Faxon). But since he had donated to a sperm bank years earlier, he decides to make a withdrawal, only to discover that the last batch has already been sold. So he and his friends hire a crazy-eyed Indian criminal (Chandrasekhar) to orchestrate a heist.

Munn and Schneider are gifted actors who create an engaging sense of chemistry in the feisty first act, grounding the comedy in real marital issues that are riotously funny because of the unexpected frankness of their discussions about sex. But as this starts to drift into a series of one-note gags about semen and genitals, our patience wavers. And then the caper kicks in, and it's so contrived and stupid that we lose all interest in the film and the characters. We may still care about Audrey and Tommy, but the situation they get into is just as idiotic as the people around them.

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Paul Schneider And Friend Broadway Opening Night Of A€˜Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Trutha€™ At The Longacre Theatre A€“ Arrivals. New York City, USA A€“ 0

Paul Schneider and Mike Tyson Thursday 2nd August 2012 Paul Schneider and friend Broadway opening night of a€˜Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Trutha€™ at the Longacre Theatre a€“ Arrivals. New York City, USA a€“ 0

Paul Schneider and Mike Tyson
Paul Schneider and Mike Tyson
Paul Schneider and Mike Tyson

The Babymakers Trailer

There comes a time in a relationship when baby talk must be had. When Audrey brings the subject up with husband Tommy, he doesn't think sowing the seeds of nature would be a problem - especially since he sold a sample of his sperm to the local sperm bank some years ago. However, after being unsuccessful at getting his wife pregnant several times, they go to a doctor who informs him of his extremely low sperm count. Feeling slightly emasculated, he suggests that there could be a problem, perhaps, with Audrey's body, but the doctor dismisses the idea as her ovaries are in perfect shape. Remembering when he sold his sperm sample, he revisits the sperm bank and requests it back in a last bid to have a baby. When the man at the clinic tells him it has already been sold, Tommy offers twice the amount of money they did in order to win it back. He is refused but his friends persuade him that he has the right to steal it back and so they set out on a scheme to retrieve his last chance at fatherhood.

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Beloved Review

Adventurous French filmmaker Honore returns to the musical genre, but this film isn't as buoyant as the wonderful Les Chansons d'Amour (2007). No, this one is dark and rather grim. And it feels about an hour too long.

In 1964 Riems, Madeleine (Sagnier) accidentally begins moonlighting as a prostitute before falling in love with a client, the charming Czech doctor Jaromil (Bukvic). He whisks her off to Prague, until the Russian invasion of 1968 and Jaromil's infidelity drive her back to France with daughter Vera.

Madeleine remarries, but never loses her feelings for Jaromil. Even some 40 years later (now played by Deneuve and Forman), they're meeting in secret, while Vera (now Mastroianni) is struggling with the fact that she has fallen in love with the wrong man (Schneider).

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Water For Elephants Review

With a heavy dose of gold-hued nostalgia, this Depression-era drama works overtime to generate big romantic emotions. But the characters aren't quite interesting enough to really grab our sympathy. Besides the elephant.

On the verge of receiving his veterinary degree in 1931, Jacob (Pattinson) is left homeless by his parents' sudden death. Wandering aimlessly, he stumbles into the Benzini Brothers Circus and convinces gruff boss August (Waltz) to give him a shot. Soon he's training the new star Rosie, an elephant that will perform with August's wife Marlena (Witherspoon). There's a clear spark between Jacob and Marlena, who know better than to act on it due to Jacob's hot temper.

Sure enough, he grows insanely jealous, and with the circus on a financial knife-edge, real trouble is brewing.

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Water For Elephants Trailer

In the 1930's The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth was known as the best circus in America, a small and tight knit community of performers and animals who were all masters of their craft. When trainee veterinarian Jacob Jankowski finds himself as a passenger on their circus train he soon becomes part of the family. Hired to look after the animals he meets Marlena, a beautiful woman who performs as an equestrian star and her husband August, the head animal trainer; it doesn't take long for Jacob to see there's a sinister side to August's personality.

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Bright Star Review

With a sumptuous attention to detail, lush photography and beautifully understated performances, Campion turns real events from the life of a poet into cinematic poetry. It may be too mopey for some audiences, but for others it's pure bliss.

In 1818 Hampstead, 23-year-old John Keats (Whishaw) is living with his lively friend Charles (Schneider) next door to the Brawne family: a quietly resolute mother (Fox), strong-willed 18-year-old Fanny (Cornish), younger brother Samuel (Brodie-Sangster) and little sister Toots (Martin). Initially sparring about art and poetry, John and Fanny begin to quietly fall for either other. But Fanny would never be allowed to marry a penniless poet, and John's health is deteriorating.

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Bright Star Trailer

Watch the trailer for Bright Star

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Away We Go Review

This gentle comedy examines at how we set priorities, plan our futures and make our families. It's sweet and superficial, but the meandering pace and lively characters make it just about watchable.

Burt and Verona (Krasinski and Rudolph) are a sparky couple looking forward to the birth of their first child. But when Burt's nutty parents (O'Hara and Daniels) announce that they're suddenly moving to Belgium, Burt and Verona realise that nothing is holding them in Colorado. So they hit the road, visiting friends and siblings in Arizona, Wisconsin, Montreal and Miami. In each place, they see things they want for their own family home, but everyone they visit is full of surprises.

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