Paul Rudd, a regular on the hit comedy series 'Friends', has opened up about the sitcoms final weeks of production and how weird they felt for him, having not been part of the series from the start. In 'Friends', Rudd played the character of Mike, the boyfriend and later husband of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). He admits that despite his attempts to be supportive to the cast and crew, he never really knew what to say to them.

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He explained the end of an era and the emotions of the main cast, by explaining: "It was pretty emotional for them. I was honoured to be in it but there was a lot of crying even during the read through and the taping. I felt as if I absolutely shouldn't be there. It felt as if I was watching somebody bathe. It just wasn't right."

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Apparently, in an attempt to lighten the mood, Rudd pitched his own 'Friends' spin-off to the show's creators. "I thought it should just be about me and it should be called 'Friend'," he joked, before adding, "In the beginning I'd be in a fountain by myself with the old umbrella."