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Gibson And Glover Named Best Crime Partnership

18th July 2004

Hollywood actors MEL GIBSON and DANNY GLOVER's partnership in the LETHAL WEAPON series has been crowned the best crime fighting duo in movie history. The maverick flair of Gibson's wayward LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT...

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Gearbox Problems Force Newman Out Of Race

5th July 2004

Movie legend-turned-speed racer PAUL NEWMAN was forced to pull out of Saturday's (03JUL04) American GT Challenge due to a faulty gearbox. Newman, driving a Chevrolet Corvette, was running in...

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Redford Wants To Work With Newman Again

4th July 2004

Legendary screen double act ROBERT REDFORD and PAUL NEWMAN want to appear together in one last film. Redford talks to Newman "all the time" about recreating their screen magic - after having last starred...

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Hawke: I'm Fake In Interviews

23rd June 2004

Hollywood star ETHAN HAWKE admits he is "fake" in interviews and is desperate to follow his movie idols' examples by boycotting the promotion of films. The TAKING LIVES actor, 33, admires veteran actors like...

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Famous People Don't Daunt Me, Says Mills-mccartney

28th May 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's wife HEATHER MILLS-McCARTNEY has identified herself as the perfect person to interview celebrities - because extreme fame and wealth doesn't faze her. The charity campaigner is trying to land her own...

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Gyllenhaal: 'I Quit University To Work With Hoffman'

27th May 2004

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW star JAKE GYLLENHAAL dropped out of university - to learn from screen legend DUSTIN HOFFMAN instead. Gyllenhaal had secured a place at New York's prestigious Columbia University, but decided to...

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Heather Eyes Political Guests

27th May 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY's wife HEATHER MILLS wants to carve out a successful TV talk show career - by interviewing some of the world's most influential men. The campaigner - who is mother to McCartney's...

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Poseidon Adventure Named Greatest Disaster Film

18th May 2004

GENE HACKMAN's 1972 classic THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE has been crowned the best disaster movie of all time, beating out competition from special effects-strewn modern offerings. The movie - which follows a group of...

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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Newman Fights Princeton Booze Binge

23rd April 2004

Movie veteran PAUL NEWMAN is urging officials at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY to rethink a traditional beer marathon that bears his name. The drinking binge, during which students at the New Jersey institution down a beer...

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Newman's Tuxedo Nightmare

20th April 2004

Hollywood veteran PAUL NEWMAN regrets clearing out all his tuxedos from his wardrobe - because his wife loves seeing him in a smart suit. The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID star, 79, decided...

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Mills Mccartney's Disastrous Chat Show Debut

19th April 2004

PAUL McCARTNEY's wife HEATHER MILLS McCARTNEY started her TV career with a disastrous interview with Hollywood legend PAUL NEWMAN on Saturday (17APR04). The charity campaigner, 36, spoke to the ROAD TO PERDITION actor as...

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J.lo To Go Inside The Actor's Studio

6th April 2004

Hollywood superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is poised to thrill film students when she shares her craft secrets with them on TV show INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO. The sexy MAID IN MANHATTAN star - whose latest...

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Cruise Loses Sign Value

11th January 2004

Movie star TOM CRUISE's generosity in signing autographs for fans has led to a massive reduction in the value of his signature. THE LAST SAMURAI star is well-known for his premiere walkabouts, where...

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Newman Builds Trail In Maine

11th January 2004

Benevolent acting legend PAUL NEWMAN has thrown his weight behind another worthy cause - by helping to finance the building of a trail in Maine. The ROAD TO PERDITION superstar - who is well-known...

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Law Lightens Up After Newman And Hoffman Advice

24th December 2003

Hollywood hunk JUDE LAW has started to enjoy his life, after being told to lighten up by movie legends PAUL NEWMAN and DUSTIN HOFFMAN. The COLD MOUNTAIN star - who recently divorced the mother...

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Newman's Illegal Past

27th November 2003

Movie veteran PAUL NEWMAN risked arrest and jail after leaving the army in 1946, by selling illegal booze to sailors and soldiers. The movie great made the most of his position handing out discharge...

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Stubborn Newman Burns His Tuxedo

26th November 2003

Movie veteran PAUL NEWMAN has "retired" from the OSCARS - and he has marked the occasion by burning his tuxedo. The actor, who was nominated for ROAD TO PERDITION earlier this year (03), has...

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Dirty Harry Tops 'Guy Movie' Poll

11th November 2003

CLINT EASTWOOD's 1972 DIRTY HARRY film has topped a new poll of The 50 Best Guy Movies. The cop drama, in which Eastwood plays ruthless DETECTIVE HARRY CALLAHAN, beat THE GODFATHER, SCARFACE and DIE...

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Paul Newman Donates To Ravaged Kansas Town

5th November 2003

Actor PAUL NEWMAN has made a "generous" donation to the southeast Kansas town of Franklin, ravaged by a tornado in May (03). THE COLOR OF MONEY star Newman, 78, sent a personal cheque...

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Titanic Has Best Ending

15th October 2003

Movie blockbuster TITANIC has the best film ending of all time, according to a new poll. The scene in which an aged ROSE, played in her younger incarnation by curvy KATE WINSLET, throws her...

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Clint Tops Western Poll

12th October 2003

Movie legend CLINT EASTWOOD has topped a poll to find the favourite screen cowboy of all time. The UNFORGIVEN OSCAR-winner beat off competition from JOHN WAYNE and STEVE McQUEEN with performances in classics including...

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Chamberlain Fell For Paul Newman

14th September 2003

Recently outed gay actor RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN fancied fellow screen star PAUL NEWMAN, and he could hardly keep his hands off him on the set of TOWERING INFERNO. Chamberlain insists he never allowed his homosexuality...

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Hopper Missed Out On Woodward Romance

25th August 2003

DENNIS HOPPER missed out on a romance with actress JOANNE WOODWARD when her husband-to-be PAUL NEWMAN turned up at her apartment to make sure the EASY RIDER star wasn't invited back after a night out....

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Ashley Judd Set For Broadway

1st August 2003

ASHLEY JUDD and JASON PATRIC are heading for Broadway, New York, to star in a new stage production of CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF. The TENNESSEE WILLIAMS play was turned into a hit...

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Emmy Nominations Announced

17th July 2003

The nomination's for this year's EMMY AWARDS have been announced - with black comedy/drama SIX FEET UNDER leading the race with 16 nominations. It is hotly followed by political drama THE WEST WING, which...

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Paul Newman Puts Days Of Physical Heroism Behind Him

7th July 2003

Screen legend PAUL NEWMAN came to the aid of a woman who had been the victim of a mugging - but drew the line at physical heroism. The ROAD TO PERDITION star, 78, was...

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Jamie Bell Hoping For A Long Career

1st July 2003

NICHOLAS NICKLEBY actor JAMIE BELL wants a long and illustrious career in movies - so has had enough of being constantly referred to as the 'BILLY ELLIOT boy'. The surprise hit film about a...

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Dean Wanted To Quit Acting

20th June 2003

Revered Hollywood legend JAMES DEAN was planning to ditch his glittering acting career, when his life was cut tragically short in a 1955 car accident. The REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE hero told close pal...

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Newman's Kids Camp Named Cart Champ Charity

17th June 2003

The CART Champ Car series is joining actor PAUL NEWMAN in merging two of the actor's favourite off-screen passions - charity work and auto racing. CART announced over the weekend (14-15JUN03) it...

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