Paul Marshall's 10 top albums

Paul Marshall - Interview

10 of Paul Marshall's Favourite Albums - But Not Necessarily His 10 Favourite Albums

We asked Paul Marshall - who recently became one of Bella Unions fantastic new artists - to talk us through 10 of his favourite records of all time.

'When contactmusic got in touch and asked me to compile my 10 favourite albums I willingly agreed as I didn't think it was going to be such a hard task but it turned out to be quite a hard decision, so that's why I've aptly named this list '10 of Paul Marshall's Favourite Album's But Not Necessarily His 10 Favourite Albums'. Although looking down this list, they just might be.'

1. At The Drive-In - Relationship Of Command
Living in a seaside town as a teenager I didn't get to go to many gigs, and so just listened to whatever my friends were listening to, which wasn't always great!
Then one day I got a sampler CD free with a magazine which featured 'Cosmonaut' and it was almost like I was born again! I listened to that incredible song about 100 times that day, just mesmerised by it's brilliance. When I finally got the album and it all turned out to be as good, it changed the shape of everything I listened to from then on. The production and the quality of the songs are both simply astounding. And you also get Iggy Pop thrown in for good measure! A true masterpiece.
Highlight: Cosmonaut

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