The bad news is, the big green guy is no Gollum.

In computer-animating the not-quite-life-like title character of "The Hulk" from scratch -- instead of motion-capturing an actor who embodied the part as "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" did in creating its memorably alive CGI co-star -- F/X house Industrial Light and Magic isn't able to shake that herky-jerky signature look of a creature born of zeros and ones.

The monster inside emotionally repressed scientist Bruce Banner (Eric Bana, "Black Hawk Down") that is unleashed by Gamma radiation has emerald eyes that lack depth and a mechanical way of blinking. When he runs, he looks like Fred Flintstone twinkle-toeing his lane approach at the blowing alley. When he's not in a rage, his body language is just a touch too mathematically smooth to seem real. And as actor Bana is morphed into the CGI Hulk, you can see the digital seams.

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