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The Things They Say 21061

3rd April 2011

"I would like to go to Mongolia, I really would... It seems exciting. The history of it's interesting; you've got the desert, you've got the throat singing." Sideways star Paul Giamatti is planning an odd...

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Paul Giamatti Punched Unruly Horse

31st March 2011

Movie star Paul Giamatti has found a new way of disciplining unruly horses on film sets - punch them in the jaw.The Sideways star was tired of having to reshoot scenes in his new medieval...

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The Things They Say 21004

30th March 2011

"I chop a lot of people up in this movie. It's great. I cut people's tongues out and I chop a guy up at the end of the movie." Mild-mannered movie star Paul Giamatti relished...

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Giamatti Makes A Charge For Spider-man Foe The Rhino

30th March 2011

Movie star Paul Giamatti has launched a campaign to land a role as a villain in the upcoming Spider-man movie.The Sideways actor wants to revive The Rhino from his youth - because the charging character...

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Robert Pattinson's Cosmopolis Wife Cast

29th March 2011

Robert Pattinson's wife in new movie 'Cosmopolis' will be played by Canadian actress Sarah Gadon.'A Dangerous Method' actress Sarah will play the British hunk's estranged spouse in the film about a businessman who bets all...

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The Things They Say 20873

22nd March 2011

"I don't need an entourage. Being bombarded doesn't happen enough to make that necessary. I'm a simple guy. Actually boring. I do everyday things. Read books. Exercise. I have a pool. I like swimming. I...

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The Things They Say 20851

20th March 2011

"There were not a lot of laughs. They aren't cutting up all the time. I probably was d**king around more than they were... Zach's not like, I mean he's funny, but he's not f**king around....

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Robert Pattinson's Water For Elephants Stills Released

10th March 2011

Robert Pattinson is set to star in the forthcoming drama movie 'Water For Elephants' and the first batch of stills from the film have hit the web.Robert Pattinson plays a young veterinary student who runs...

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Giamatti's Version Leads Canadian Indie Film Awards Nominations

3rd February 2011

PAUL GIAMATTI's new movie BARNEY'S VERSION is leading all nominees for the upcoming Genie Awards in Canada with 11 nods.The film has edged out Canada's Best Foreign Language Oscar hopeful, Incendies, which has landed 10...

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Rosamund Pike Annoyed By Hoffman

22nd January 2011

Rosamund Pike found working with Dustin Hoffman "annoying".The 31-year-old actress - who appears alongside the Hollywood legend in 'Barney's Version' - found the star's playful attitude irritating, as she would find it hard to concentrate...

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Social Network Wins Top Golden Globe Film Award

17th January 2011

The Social Network won the Golden Globe for best dramatic film Sunday night, while The Kids Are All Right won for best comedy or musical. Social Network 's David Fincher also collected the Golden Globe...

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Giamatti Breaks Finger While Trashing Hotel Room

11th January 2011

SIDEWAYS star PAUL GIAMATTI has been left with a mangled finger after breaking the tip while trashing a hotel room.The actor went wild for a scene in his new movie Barney's Version and was so...

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Robert Pattinson To Play Financier In Cosmopolis

6th January 2011

Robert Pattinson is to play a high-flying financier in 'Cosmopolis'.The 'Twilight' actor will star in the David Cronenberg-directed film, which is based the Don DeLillo novel, and will take on the role of Eric Packer.In...

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George Clooney Lands Role In Gravity

17th December 2010

George Clooney will replace Robert Downey Jr. in 'Gravity'.'Iron Man' star Robert had been set to play a small but pivotal in the tale of a female astronaut - to be played by Sandra Bullock...

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The King's Speech Leads Golden Globe Nominations

14th December 2010

'The King's Speech' has received seven Golden Globe award nominations. Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, the movie - which tells the tale of a king suffering from a speech impediment -...

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Hellboy Star To Take On Elvis In Bubba Ho-tep Sequel

6th December 2010

Movie stars RON PERLMAN and PAUL GIAMATTI are teaming up for the sequel of cult comedy BUBBA HO-TEP.Horror movie icon Bruce Campbell has turned down the chance to reprise his Elvis character in the film...

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Tina Fey Reveals All At Emmy Awards

31st August 2010

TINA FEY, the star of 30 Rock, revealed details of two guest appearances planned for the show's upcoming fifth season, at the EMMY AWARDS on Sunday August 29th 2010. The actress revealed to Entertainment Weekly...

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Giamatti Distances Himself From Three Stooges Rumours

23rd June 2009

PAUL GIAMATTI has dismissed rumours he's set to replace SEAN PENN in upcoming comedy THE THREE STOOGES after he was tipped for the role by co-director BOBBY FARRELLY himself.Oscar winner Penn quit the project last...

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Hoffman To Play Giamatti's Dad

28th May 2009

DUSTIN HOFFMAN is to play PAUL GIAMATTI's dad in a new film adaptation of MORDECAI RICHLER's final novel.The two acting heavyweights will team up as father and son in in indie drama Barney's Version, which...

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Giamatti Invited To Be Part Of Japanese Sideways

30th March 2009

SIDEWAYS star PAUL GIAMATTI was stunned when he was asked to play a cameo role in Japan's remake of the hit wine movie. The quirky film was such a hit in the Far East that Japanese...

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Giamatti's Pretzel Battle Upset Co-star Linney

30th March 2009

PAUL GIAMATTI upset his JOHN ADAMS co-star LAURA LINNEY at the 2008 Emmy Awards in September (08) - by missing her Best Actress acceptance speech. The Sideways star admits he was at the concessions stand trying...

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The Things They Say 11733

29th March 2009

"We actually do have a fist fight... He kicks my a** in it - a 70-year-old Englishman with a bad hip... It's humiliating." Actor PAUL GIAMATTI on scrapping with DUPLICITY co-star TOM WILKINSON....

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The Things They Say 11732

29th March 2009

"Somebody asked me that and I'm like, 'That sounds, like, do I have like a bladder control problem...' I don't Twitter, I don't know what the hell that is. I don't wanna catch up with...

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The Things They Say 11720

27th March 2009

"I chose to shave my entire body for a role once, because I had to wear little Speedos (swimming trunks), which was scary enough. It was itchy (when the hair grew back), I was covered...

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Movie Reviews Duplicity

20th March 2009

Duplicity , a spy drama starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owens, continually throws curves at the audience, attempting surprise at every twist. That's both its virtue and its vice, the critics suggest. Roger Ebert writes...

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Giamatti, Witherspoon And Cohen Downsize For Miniature Satire

3rd March 2009

PAUL GIAMATTI and REESE WITHERSPOON are teaming up with comedian SACHA BARON COHEN to star in a social satire about miniature people. The actors have signed up to writer/director Alexander Payne's next film, Downsizing. Giamatti, who...

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Sag Hands Out Awards, Is Quiet About Strike

26th January 2009

At Sunday night's SAG awards, Tina Fey was the only performer who alluded to the stalemated dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers when she accepted the "best female actor" award in...

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30 Rock Takes Acting And Writing Honours At Television Emmys

22nd September 2008

Comedy series 30 Rock was a major winner at the US television Emmy awards, with four prizes, while John Adams took five.NBC's 30 Rock, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a live entertainment show,...

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The Things They Say 9574

20th September 2008

"I'm not a traditionally handsome man... My fortune hasn't been my looks... (but) tell me I'm as good looking as PAUL GIAMATTI." British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS insists he won't be the ugliest man at the...

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Giamatti Regrets Turning Down Wine Ad Deal

25th July 2008

PAUL GIAMATTI regrets turning down a wine ad campaign following the success of SIDEWAYS - because he'd be a wealthy man if he agreed to peddle Merlot. The actor played a wine snob who hated...

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