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Jersey Shore cast members are mobbed by around 100 fans, as they visit the Tutto 99 cent store in the town centre - Saturday 21st May 2011

Paul Delvecchio
Paul Delvecchio
Paul Delvecchio

Visit the Santa Maria church in the city centre, and take some photographs. - Florence, Italy - Sunday 22nd May 2011

Paul Delvecchio

Jersey Shore cast members have lunch at a local cafe. After Vinny finished his ice cream he gave the pink umbrella decoration that came with it to a young female admirer - Florence, Italy - Monday 13th June 2011

Vinny Guadagnino, Paul Pauly D DelVecchio - Jersey Shore cast members walking through the city centre of Florence, where are doing a private photoshoot down a side street. Florence, Italy - Wednesday 15th June 2011

Cast members of MTV's 'Jersey Shore' shooting back in New Jersey, after recently returning from filming in Florence, Italy - Seaside Heights, New Jersey - Monday 27th June 2011

Jersey Shore cast members enjoy slices of pizza, before filming outside the Uffizi Gallery - Florence, Italy - Saturday 21st May 2011

Returns home from a trip to the gym with fellow Jersey Shore cast members. - Florence, Italy - Monday 23rd May 2011

Jersey Shore cast members enjoy a tour of the city with a local guide, as they film more scenes for the fourth season of the show. They visited the Ponte Vecchio bridge and various other places of interest, before returning home after 6 hours! - Florence, Italy - Thursday 16th June 2011

Jersey Shore cast members enjoy dinner at Le Giubbe Rossi restaurant, that turns into a late night evening of drinking. The boys were joined briefly by a magician, who impressed them with various tricks, but it was the local girls that really caught there eye, with several invited to join them at a nearby club later in the evening. - Florence, Italy - Monday 6th June 2011

shopping in Florence while filming the reality show 'Jersey Shore' - Florence, Italy - Sunday 15th May 2011

head out for dinner together. Mike was wearing a new 'Italia' tracksuit jacket that he'd bought whilst shopping in Florence. - Florence, Italy - Friday 20th May 2011

The Jersey Shore cast leave their house for a night out at Flo nightclub - Florence, Italy - Saturday 21st May 2011

Visit a Gelato shop for some icecream, before walking back to the Jersey Shore house. - Florence, Italy - Tuesday 24th May 2011

Paul Pauly D DelVecchio, Mike The Situation Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino head out to the Pharmacy - Florence, Italy - Wednesday 15th June 2011

Jersey Shore cast members may have finished working at the O' Vesuvio pizza shop in Florence, but they have also left their mark on one of the walls of the restaurant, in the form of their signature pizzas and sandwiches. On this evidence, Jenni was the most enthusiastic about the job, as she had not one but two creations on the casts' menu. However, notably absent from the menu was a creation made by Nicole Snooki Polizzi. Instead she opted to deface the staff room door of the restaurant, with the words Snooky's Bedroom! Do not disturb! Enter at your own risk. The pint sized star even signed her artwork at the bottom, to prove it was her who wrote it! - Florence, Italy - Friday 17th June 2011

Paul Delvecchio

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