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Paul Daniels' Home Flooded In Storms

12th January 2014

Veteran British entertainer Paul Daniels used inflatable paddling pools to protect his valuables when his luxury home flooded in a storm on Friday (10Jan14).The beloved magician lives close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England...

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The Amazing World Of The Real Burt Wonderstones - Incredible Close Up Magic

By Holly Williams | 14th March 2013

Magic tricks are a touchy subject among most grown adults nowadays, with it being literally one of those things where you either love it or you absolutely despise it. But there have been a few...

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Paul Daniels 'Casts Doubt' On Some Of Jimmy Savile's Alleged Victims

By Holly Williams | 24th December 2012

Paul Daniels has caused controversy with a blog suggesting that not all of Jimmy Savile's 450 alleged victims are telling the truth.We've all had our opinions on the case of the late Jimmy Savile and...

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Paul Daniels Questions Jimmy Savile Victims, Accused Of Belittlement

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th December 2012

Paul Daniels has been "wondering if all of [Savile's] accusers are for real". And his claims have, inevitably, come under intense scrutiny from groups concerned with the people affected by the sex abuse scandal, The...

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Steven Fry: Eric Sykes Is An 'Irreplaceable Comic Master'

4th July 2012

Much beloved comic Eric Sykes, one of Britain's finest comedy actors and writers and a long-time star of radio, TV and film in post-war Britain, has died aged 89 after a short, but fatal, battle...

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Tv Magician Paul Daniels Saws Off Fingers

21st January 2012

Beloved British magician Paul Daniels has accidentally cut off two of his fingers while using a saw at his home in Berkshire, England.The TV trickster, who is famous for appearing to saw women in half...

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Paul Daniels Severs Finger In Freak Power Tool Accident

20th January 2012

Veteran celebrity comedian Paul Daniels severed the top of his finger after an accident with a circular saw on New Year's Day at his home in Wargrave, Berkshire. Daniels, 73, was attempting to build a...

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Paul Daniels Injured By Pizza Throwing Puppet

3rd August 2011

British television magician Paul Daniels has been left requiring medical attention after he was hit in the face by a pizza - thrown by a hand-puppet. The 73-year-old was filming a scene for Itv's new...

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Osbourne Puzzled By Identity Of X Factor Celebrities

27th May 2006

SHARON OSBOURNE is bemused by the choice of contestants on upcoming British reality TV show CELEBRITY X FACTOR - because she has no idea who any of them are. The wife of OZZY OSBOURNE is...

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Magician Quits After Vanilla Ice Bust Up

29th September 2004

British magician PAUL DANIELS has quit UK reality TV show THE FARM after only two days - following a blazing row with American rapper VANILLA ICE. Daniels was so disgusted by the ICE ICE...

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