Lars Olafssen was once famous in the art world for his breath-taking paintings. However, as his life has progressed, he has lost inspiration and his art dealer Ronny has found him a teaching post at a school in the very small Canadian town of Koda Lake. It is there he meets Eddie; a quiet but mute man with mental problems who the school lets hang around on account that his aunt is their most important patron. In a bid to impress his attractive young colleague Leslie, Lars takes him under his wing and becomes his caregiver despite Leslie telling him that he suffers from a sleepwalking condition whereby he seeks out and eats small animals whilst in slumber following a traumatic childhood event. He soon discovers, however, that is isn't just small animals he's feasting on when he finds human remains near his home. Rather than feeling frightened and wanting to stay away from Eddie, he uses his cannibalism as inspiration for a new set of masterpieces but just how far will he take it?

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