The season premiere of 'Millionaire Matchmaker' premiered on Bravo last night (19th October 2010), with Patti Stanger looking to find the wealthy singles of New York their dream partners. In the first episode, 49-year-old Stanger attempted to find millionaire BRYCE GRUBER her perfect man, described as a George Clooney type individual.
In the hour long show, Stanger first watches a DVD biography that the millionaire hopefuls submit, before meeting them in person to discuss their 'ideal 'partner.Despite her good looks, 26-year-old Gruber has still yet to find love.
After the episode had aired, Gruber took to her Twitter page to vent her frustration at how she was portrayed, telling her followers, "haha i saw the episode tonight. they make me look like a total snob...". She then spoke about her video biography and insinuated that the footage had been manipulated, saying, "just saw the dvd, they made me look like a TOTAL snob. they mishmashed scenes. oh well". The series fourth season continues on Tuesday 26th October 2010.