He’s manned the Starship Enterprise, boldly going where no man had gone before. As Professor Charles Francis Xavier, he promoted the peaceful affirmation of mutant rights, mediated the co-existence of mutants and humans, protected mutants from violent humans and protected society from antagonistic mutants. But Patrick Stewart has never had a pizza.

Until now.

Patrick Stewart tucked into his first slice of Pizza recently, and tweeted the proof. He probably didn’t imagine it would make the news, but, everyone in the Western world has had a pizza; it’s a massive, great big thing. He confused us by tweeting: "To clarify: 1) I've never had a "slice" 2) I've been a Habs fan all of 4 weeks 3) I'm also a fan of Bloomberg's soda legislation," which suggests he may have had pizza? But the idea of a 72-year-old actor never having had a slice o’ pie is too delicious, so, we’re running with it.

In slightly more serious Patrick Stewart news, he gave a heartwarming answer to a woman at Comicapalooza in Houston. Before she asked him her question, though, which was what he was most proud of outside of acting, she wanted to thank him personally for his work against domestic violence, and a speech he recently gave, to wit he responded in kind and opened up on his reasons for fighting against violence, specifically against women.

Patrick StewartHere's Patrick Stewart enjoying some tennis

Patrick StewartWe reckon Patrick Stewart really loves pizza now