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James Mcavoy's Different Take On Professor X

11th February 2011

James McAvoy tried to play Professor X as differently as possible from Patrick Stewart's portrayal in the original three movies. The 31-year-old actor - who is playing a younger version of the 'X Men' character...

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Neve Campbell Files For Divorce From Husband John Light

1st December 2010

NEVE CAMPBELL, the 37-year-old Canadian actress most famous for her role in the horror movie 'Scream 4', has filed for divorce from her husband JOHN LIGHT just five years after the couple were married, reports...

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Patrick Stewart: Fifth Star Trek Movie Planned

13th October 2010

Sir Patrick Stewart has revealed a fifth 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' movie was planned. The British star - who appeared as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in seven television series and four movies of the franchise...

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James Mcavoy Talks Professor X

22nd September 2010

James McAvoy plans to "bury" Sir Patrick Stewart's performance of Professor X.The Scottish actor - who will portray a younger version of the bald-headed professor in the upcoming movie 'X-Men: First Class' - jokes he...

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Kevin Bacon Set To Sizzle In X-men

12th July 2010

Kevin Bacon is being lined-up for a role in 'X-Men: First Class'. The 'Footloose' star is reportedly in negotiations with studio Twentieth Century Fox to play the chief villain in the forthcoming prequel, though no...

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Michael Caine: 'Batman 3 Films In April'

9th July 2010

Sir Michael Caine has confirmed 'Batman 3' will begin filming in 2011. The British actor - who has played butler Alfred in the last two Batman instalments of the superhero franchise - revealed plans for...

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Patrick Stewart's X-men Worry

22nd June 2010

Sir Patrick Stewart resisted playing Professor X in the 'X-Men' movie series. The 69-year-old actor admits playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' TV series and four feature films left him feeling...

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Mcavoy Joins The X-men

28th May 2010

JAMES MCAVOY has joined the X-MEN - he will step into PATRICK STEWART's role of CHARLES XAVIER in the upcoming prequel.The Scottish actor will play a younger version of Stewart's character, also known as Professor...

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James Mcavoy Lands X-men Role

28th May 2010

James McAvoy has landed a role in 'X-Men: First Class'.The 'Atonement' actor will reportedly play Professor Charles Xavier - who was portrayed in 'X-Men: The Last Stand' by veteran star Patrick Stewart - in the...

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The Things They Say 16609

21st May 2010

"On The Waterfront. It's obvious why. Marlon Brando. Suddenly, there was a whole new tension on screen. When I witnessed that extraordinary, painful performance on screen I was so blown away I knew what path...

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'Beggar' Ian Mckellen

6th May 2010

Sir Ian McKellen was mistaken for a beggar by a passer-by.The veteran actor was amazed to be given money after he stepped outside a theatre in Melbourne, Australia, where he was taking a break from...

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Avatar Rules Empire Awards

29th March 2010

'Avatar' was the big winner at this year's Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010 last night (28.03.10). The 3-D sci-fi blockbuster picked up three prizes at the event, winning Best Film, Best Director for James Cameron...

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Jude Law's Theatre Honour

15th February 2010

Jude Law and Rachel Weisz have been named the Best Actor and Actress in a Play.The British stars are just two famous names who have been honoured at the annual Awards - which is...

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Stewart Lands Knighthood

19th December 2009

British actor PATRICK STEWART is to become a 'Sir' - he will receive a knighthood in QUEEN ELIZABETH II's New Year's Honours list.The 69-year-old star will be honoured by the British monarch for his 50-year...

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Law, Mirren, Weisz And Stewart To Compete For Theatre Awards

7th December 2009

JUDE LAW, DAME HELEN MIRREN, RACHEL WEISZ and PATRICK STEWART are among the stars competing at the upcoming Awards, which honour the best in London theatre.Law received a nomination in the Best Actor category...

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Stewart's Domestic Violence Tragedy

27th November 2009

Veteran actor PATRICK STEWART channels his traumatic childhood to deliver his most emotional performances, recalling the pain of seeing his father beat his mother.The X-Men star was deeply affected by the domestic violence he witnessed...

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Stewart Praises Star Trek Movie

15th June 2009

Former STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION actor PATRICK STEWART has praised director JJ ABRAMS for successfully resurrecting the franchise - insisting he "loved" the new movie.Abrams brought the sci-fi franchise back to cinemas this year...

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Stewart Rants At Theatre-goer

16th April 2009

British thespian PATRICK STEWART upset fans following a theatre performance in Scotland by launching a foul-mouthed tirade at a man who allegedly took a picture of him onstage, according to reports. The actor is currently taking...

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The Things They Say 11581

10th March 2009

"Filming X-MEN was amazing. Can you imagine what it was like starting your day walking into the make-up room and giving a good morning kiss to HALLE BERRY, REBECCA ROMIJN and ANNA PAQUIN? Can you...

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Stewart Wins Third Olivier Award

9th March 2009

Veteran actor PATRICK STEWART has won his third Laurence Olivier award for his stage portrayal of Claudius in Shakespeare's HAMLET. The X-Men star was handed the Best Performance in a Supporting Role accolade at the 33rd...

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David Tennant Out Of Hamlet 'Until Christmas'

10th December 2008

Back surgery means David Tennant will not be returning to play Hamlet "before Christmas", the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has confirmed.An "ongoing back injury" forced Tennant to withdraw from two performances this week and he...

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Tennant Pulls Out Of Second Hamlet Show After Back Injury

9th December 2008

An "ongoing back injury" has forced David Tennant to withdraw from a second performance of Hamlet, it has been confirmed.The Doctor Who star is currently playing the Dane for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RCS) at...

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Tennant Temporarily Out Of Hamlet After Back Injury

9th December 2008

An "ongoing back injury" forced David Tennant to withdraw from a performance of Hamlet on Monday night, it has been confirmed.The Doctor Who star is currently playing the Dane for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RCS)...

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Fascinating Fact 6282

1st November 2008

Former STAR TREK actor PATRICK STEWART has been honoured with the Samuel Beckett Award for his contribution to the arts at a ceremony at Dublin, Ireland's prestigious Trinity College. The star picked up the prize...

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X-men Pair Team Up On Stage

31st October 2008

X-MEN stars SIR IAN MCKELLEN and PATRICK STEWART are to team up again - this time on the London stage. The British actors have both signed up to appear in a new adaptation of Samuel...

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Mckellen And Stewart To Wait For Godot In 2009

31st October 2008

Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will spend 2009 failing again and failing better in a new production of Waiting for Godot.The esteemed British actors, who appeared together in the X-Men films, will tour the...

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Spacey Goes Back To School

13th October 2008

KEVIN SPACEY has succeeded PATRICK STEWART as the new lecturer at the U.K.'s prestigious Oxford University. The American Beauty star will give his inaugural speech as a visiting professor at St Catherine's College in Oxford...

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David Tennant's Hamlet Sells Out In Less Than Three Hours

12th September 2008

Tickets to see Doctor Who star David Tennant as Hamlet have sold out in less than three hours, according to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).Some 270 people camped outside London's Novello Theatre to purchase tickets,...

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Rsc Puts Doctor Who Signing Ban On David Tennant Fans

25th July 2008

Fans of David Tennant will be banned from having Doctor Who merchandise signed when the actor plays Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).The Scottish star is to play the Dane in the RSC production...

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