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Set Fire To The Stars - UK Film Premiere

Patrick Baladi - Set Fire To The Stars - UK film premiere held at the Ham Yard Hotel. - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 28th October 2014

Patrick Baladi

Rush Trailer

James Hunt is English Formula 1 champion well-known for his hedonistic life of women, alcohol and parties and who makes for a stark contrast to his number one rival, the Austrian Niki Lauda. It's the 70s, the golden age for racing, and the pair are riled up to outrun each other in the upcoming 1976 German Grand Prix. However, no-one could predict the tragedy that would soon ensue when Lauda's car fails and bursts into flames on the track, causing him severe burns to his face and body. Hunt blames himself for the accident, as he helped encourage the race to go ahead without the suggested safety arrangements. In spite of all this, the pair are determined to become champions, against all odds but as the professional lives interrupts their personal lives, becoming a champion becomes much more complicated than just winning a race.

'Rush' is a sports drama based on the shocking true story of these two real F1 drivers when their lives took a dramatic turn at the height of car racing. It has been directed by Ron Howard ('Willow', 'Apollo 13', 'The Da Vinci Code') and written by Peter Morgan ('The Queen', 'The Other Boleyn Girl', 'The Last King of Scotland'), and it is set for release this autumn on September 13th 2013.

Now Is Good Trailer

Tessa is like every other sixteen year old; she'd love a boyfriend and she'd like to lose her virginity as soon as possible. Her best friend Tessa encourages her wishes. There is a difference, however: Tessa has leukaemia. She was diagnosed with it four years ago but has recently learned that it is terminal.

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UK Film Premiere Of 'Demons Never Die' Held At The Odeon West End - Arrivals

Patrick Baladi and Odeon West End Monday 10th October 2011 UK film premiere of 'Demons Never Die' held at the Odeon West End - Arrivals London, England

Attending The Wrap Party For New Movie 'Suicide Kids' On Brick Lane

Patrick Baladi Monday 17th January 2011 attending the wrap party for new movie 'Suicide Kids' on Brick Lane London, England

Patrick Baladi
Patrick Baladi

StreetDance Review

Directors Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini boldly apply 3D filmmaking to the dance genre with this energetic British drama. The requirements of the formula are too strong to resist, but the film is thoroughly watchable thanks to its skilled cast.

Carly (Burley) is horrified when her boyfriend Jay (Roach) announces that not only is he leaving their successful street dance crew, but he also wants to break up with her. Suddenly she's in charge of the team, and she makes a deal with a ballet teacher (Rampling) to use a dance studio in exchange for adding five of the students to her team. One of them, Tomas (Winsor), takes a special interest in Carly, but the ballet dancers struggle to add street-cred to their moves. And the big competition is in just five weeks.

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Beyond The Pole Review

With a smart script and an enjoyably manic premise, this British adventure comedy gets off to a great start. But the story wobbles badly in the third act, and loses its audience as it gets both contrived and maudlin.

The uptight Mark (Mangan) and laid-back Brian (Thomas) are university mates who decide to set a world record for the first carbon-neutral, organic, vegetarian, unassisted trek to the North Pole. They set off with their cameraman (Russell), while smiley pal Graham (Benton), Brian's girlfriend Sandra (Cavaleiro) and TV producer Becky (Baxendale) track their progress back home. But they're unprepared to the challenge, which gets trickier when they meet a pair of Norwegians (Skarsgard and Arentz-Hansen) who look likely to steal their record.

And then there are the polar bears.

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Patrick Baladi

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