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Stars Battle One Another Over Embryonic Stem Cell Research

25th October 2006

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research have quickly enlisted the aid of James Caviezel, who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, and Patricia Heaton, who co-starred in Everybody Loves Raymond, to counter ads...

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Fascinating Fact 1272

24th March 2006

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star PATRICIA HEATON is in negotiations to produce and co-host a new US TV daytime talk show.

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Raymond Stars Picked For Honours

25th October 2005

Former EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND co-stars PATRICIA HEATON, DORIS ROBERTS and MONICA HORAN will receive Women Of Achievement awards at the Women In Film And Television International gala. The actresses will receive the awards from...

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Raymond Finale Took A Week To Shoot Due To Illness

18th May 2005

The finale of hit US sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was stalled twice due to cast illness. Actress PATRICIA HEATON lost her voice on the scheduled day of the shoot and co-star DORIS ROBERTS suffered...

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Heaton Mistook Romano For Office Assistant

10th May 2005

Actress PATRICIA HEATON found RAY ROMANO so unremarkable when she auditioned for a role in his hit TV sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, she assumed he was an office assistant. Heaton, who has played Romano's...

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Heaton Under Attack On The Net

25th March 2005

Actress PATRICIA HEATON was forced to close down a message board on her website yesterday (24MAR05), after her comments against euthanasia prompted a huge backlash. Heaton, 47, voiced her opinions about comatose TERRI SCHIAVO,...

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Boone Fights For Dying Coma Victim

25th March 2005

LATEST: Crooner PAT BOONE has joined the fight to save coma victim TERRI SCHIAVO after federal judges gave her husband MICHAEL the go ahead to remove her feeding tube and let his wife starve to...

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Gibson + Heaton Get Fired Up Over Us Euthanasia Battle

23rd March 2005

MEL GIBSON and actress PATRICIA HEATON are weighing in on a controversial US euthanasia battle, urging the husband of coma victim TERRI SCHIAVO to sign over the care of his wife to her parents instead...

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Heaton To Go Natural

25th February 2005

Actress PATRICIA HEATON is rediscovering her true self now work on hit US TV sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND has come to an end. The 46-year-old, who starred as RAY ROMANO's onscreen wife for nine...

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Heaton Prescribed Sex

25th February 2005

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star PATRICIA HEATON is having sex with her husband DAVID HUNT twice a week - on doctor's orders. The mother-of-four, who recently wrapped work on her sitcom after a nine-year run,...

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Heaton Gives Degeneres A Flash

24th February 2005

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star PATRICIA HEATON beckoned a 'wardrobe malfunction' scandal when she peeled open her shirt to flash her bra on American daytime TV. The actress, who made an appearance on ELLEN DeGENERES'...

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Raymond Cast Tear Up During Tv Farewell

10th February 2005

The cast of hit sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND turned into blubbering wrecks when they teamed up for the last time on the OPRAH show yesterday (09FEB05). The actors and actresses recently shot the final...

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Filming On Everybody Loves Raymond Finale Put On Hold

24th January 2005

LATEST: Filming of the final episode of hit sitcom EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was put on hold Friday (21JAN05), after PATRICIA HEATON was struck down with a bout of laryngitis. The cast was prepared...

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Kaczmarek Explains Hip Emmy Ad

29th August 2004

Actress JANE KACZMAREK decided to show off her artificial hip in her EMMY campaign, because she felt uncomfortable posing for a glamorous snapshot. Kaczmarek underwent hip-replacement surgery earlier this year (04) after suffering from severe...

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Patricia Heaton Prepares For Move To Ohio

13th January 2004

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star PATRICIA HEATON is planning to quit Hollywood to move her family to Ohio. The mother-of-four, whose show is expected to come to an end within the next two years, wants...

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Chuck Norris Backs Campaign Against Web Porn

9th December 2003

Hollywood action veteran CHUCK NORRIS is launching a campaign against paedophiles and internet pornographers. The former WALKER, TEXAS RANGER star, who has two-year-old twins with his wife GENA, is horrified by the millions of...

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Patricia Heaton's Emmy Letdown

15th October 2003

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star PATRICIA HEATON had a huge problem with last month's (SEP03) EMMY AWARDS - because she didn't win. Two-time Emmy winner Heaton admits that while she was happy to see WILL...

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Everybody Loves Raymond Woes Expected To Finally End

27th August 2003

LATEST: Actor BRAD GARRETT is expected to return to the set of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND today (27AUG03), following reports his salary dispute has finally been settled. Garrett, whose hold-out for more cash resulted in...

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Boss Covers Costs For Everybody Loves Raymond Crew

26th August 2003

The producer of TV show EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND had to dip into his own pocket to pay for the disruption caused by cast absences. Production on the show was supposed to begin on 11...

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More Absences On Everybody Loves Raymond Set

20th August 2003

LATEST: PATRICIA HEATON's delayed return to the set of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND this week (18AUG03) was met with problems - two of her co-stars failed to show up. Heaton, who called in sick last...

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Raymond Returns

19th August 2003

LATEST: It was business as usual on the set of TV comedy EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND yesterday (18AUG03) as PATRICIA HEATON returned to work after a week of illness. The production ground to a halt...

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Everybody Loves Raymond Sees More Delays

13th August 2003

LATEST: Production on the season premiere of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was pushed back again yesterday (12AUG03) after PATRICIA HEATON called in sick for the second day in a row. Her two-day absence, officially due...

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Heaton And Garrett No-shows On Raymond Set

13th August 2003

Questions are surrounding hit TV show EVERYBODY LOVE RAYMOND after stars PATRICIA HEATON and BRAD GARRETT failed to show up on the set when production began on Monday (11AUG03). The first day of production...

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Emmy Nominations Announced

17th July 2003

The nomination's for this year's EMMY AWARDS have been announced - with black comedy/drama SIX FEET UNDER leading the race with 16 nominations. It is hotly followed by political drama THE WEST WING, which...

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Alan Cumming Signs For Goodbye Girl Remake

13th June 2003

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING has joined the cast of a TV remake of THE GOODBYE GIRL. The X2: X-MEN UNITED star will join already-signed PATRICIA HEATON and JEFF DANIELS to play MARK BODINE, the...

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Patricia Heaton Gets By With A Little Prayer

28th March 2003

Actress PATRICIA HEATON has turned to her favourite method of getting her through today's war-ravaged times - prayer. The EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND star, who stormed out of January's (03) AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS in disgust...

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