Patricia Arquette questioned how open-minded she was when her transgender brother ALEXIS first announced he was going to become a woman. The True Romance star admits she felt "a loss" when Alexis - born Robert Arquette - told her of his transition plans. And the actress was surprised to discover she wasn't as broad-minded as she'd previously thought. Patricia says, "I had all the questions (for him) at first: 'Do you love yourself? Is it something that you want to change about the way you look?' I get concerned when anybody I love wants to do any change to the way they look - where's this coming from and why?... "Accepting as I am, I didn't really understand and I can't say I really do understand it. But I did feel a sadness. Like, there's a loss. Am I going to lose my brother? I have memories of growing up - little faces we made, getting dressed up for Halloween. "I always imagined myself to be a very open-minded person. So when I was feeling a level of judgement... I really had to think about myself."