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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Pat Boone

31st March 2014

A judge in Los Angeles has issued a warrant for the arrest of singer Pat Boone.The veteran crooner is a wanted man after missing a court appearance in connection to a cruise ship condo lawsuit....

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The Things They Say: 3555499

14th March 2013

"He has a plan, he thinks it's good for America - a virtually socialist nation in which nobody gets rich, government is in charge of everything." Veteran crooner Pat Boone is not a fan of...

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Pat Boone Fronts New Bath/spa For The Elderly

28th February 2012

Singer Pat Boone has signed on as the pitchman for a seated bath/spa designed for the elderly and infirm.The Love Letters in the Sand hitmaker has filmed a series of TV ads for the Safe...

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Boone Prays For Hilton To Become Born-again Christian

13th July 2007

Veteran crooner PAT BOONE is praying for PARIS HILTON to join Hollywood's born-again Christians after the socialite confessed she spent her recent jail time reading THE BIBLE. The Love Letters In The Sand singer, who...

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Sinatra Sent Boone A Baseball Mask After Biking Accident

18th June 2007

FRANK SINATRA once poked fun at pal PAT BOONE after the LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND crooner seriously injured himself in a cycling accident - by sending him a baseball catcher's mask. Boone admits he...

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Boone Turned Down The Chance To Romance Monroe

18th June 2007

Beloved Christian crooner PAT BOONE turned down the chance to work with MARILYN MONROE on the big screen - because he felt his fans wouldn't approve of him romancing an older married woman. The Love...

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Rooney Launches James Dean Campaign

13th November 2006

Hollywood legend MICKEY ROONEY has helped launch a new campaign to convert an Indiana high school into the James Dean Performing Arts Center and Museum. Rooney was joined by PAT BOONE and SHANNEN DOHERTY for...

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Boone Offers To Call Fans With Faithful Messages

26th May 2006

Born-again Christian crooner PAT BOONE is offering religious fans the chance to start their day off with the sound of his voice as part of a new mobile phone initiative. The LOVE LETTERS IN THE...

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Stars Consider The 'F' Word In Provocative New Film

28th March 2006

Rapper ICE-T, crooner PAT BOONE and ALANIS MORRISETTE are among the stars featuring in a provocative new documentary all about the 'F' word. The eclectic trio will join DREW CAREY, porn star RON JEREMY and...

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Boone Adds Atkins' Last Waltz On New Album

17th October 2005

Crooner PAT BOONE plans to release what he believes to be guitar great CHET ATKINS's last recorded performance on his upcoming 60th anniversary album. Boone co-wrote and recorded WALTZ FOR THE LONELY just before...

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Boone Brings Stars Together For Billy Graham Tribute

23rd June 2005

Crooner PAT BOONE has brought together a host of stars for a video tribute to US evangelist BILLY GRAHAM. The born-again-Christian singer invited BONO, LeANN RIMES, KENNY ROGERS and MICHAEL McDONALD, among others, to...

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Boone Fights For Dying Coma Victim

25th March 2005

LATEST: Crooner PAT BOONE has joined the fight to save coma victim TERRI SCHIAVO after federal judges gave her husband MICHAEL the go ahead to remove her feeding tube and let his wife starve to...

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Happy Birthday Boone As Pat Plans Another Tour

30th May 2004

Legendary crooner PAT BOONE is planning to celebrate his 70th birthday and his 50-year career by hitting the road again. The LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND singer, who is now a Christian radio presenter...

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