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Passenger - Share Your Air

Label Universal Music Group - International

Passenger - Let Her Go

Label InGrooves

Passenger, Things You've Never Done

Synopsis - Things You've Never Done video from Passenger.Passenger release a new single 'Things You've Never Done' on July 14th 2008 through Chalkmark Records. This will be the last single from their...

Passenger, Table For One

Synopsis - Passenger Table For One Video Mike Rosenberg's band Passenger release their new single, Table For One on March 10th 2008 through Chalkmark Records. 23-year-old Rosenberg writes with empathy and knowing...

Passenger, Walk You Home,

Synopsis - Passenger Walk You Home Video 'Walk You Home' is the new single from Passenger, released on Chalkmark Records on 3rd September 2007. With its sunny, upbeat tempo, metronomic beats and...

Passenger, Do What You Like,

Synopsis - PassengerDo What You LikeVideoPassenger’s new single ‘Do What You Like’ will be released on July 2nd and it's a tale of unrequited love and regaining control and self respect. Built...

Passenger, Wicked Man's Rest, Video Stream

Synopsis - Passenger Wicked Man's RestVideo StreamReleased on ChalkMark Records on July 2nd 2007Passenger (formerly Mike Rosenberg Band) is a five piece from Brighton, who are destined for greatness in 2007. Their...