Paris Hilton had four wisdom teeth taken out today (09.05.13).

The 32-year-old socialite was left in agony after undergoing the procedure to remove her unneeded gnashers and has taken to her bed to recover from her major dental work.

She wrote on Twitter: ''Laying in bed. Can't sleep. Hurts so much to get four wisdom teeth pulled out at once. In so much pain. #Brutal #IHateGoingToTheDentist (sic)''

The blonde beauty was predicting a painful day ahead after having all four of her wisdom teeth removed and was nervous about the anaesthetic wearing off.

She tweeted: ''Just finished. They had to remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth. Still feeling dizzy from the anesthesia, hopefully the pain won't be that bad (sic)''

Paris - who is known for her flawless looks - was also worried the teeth removal would leave her with swollen cheeks.

Writing on Twitter yesterday (08.05.13), she said: ''Getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. So scared. Hope it doesn't hurt too much & hope I don't end up having chipmunk cheeks! (sic)''