Infamous hotel heiress Paris Hilton has allegedly been caught on camera in another sex-and-drugs movie, this time lasting a staggering 12 hours.

British newspaper the NEWS OF THE WORLD claims to have a tape showing the SIMPLE LIFE star smoking cannabis and being intimate with two different lovers.

The 23-year-old blonde writhes in the back of a car with her ex-boyfriend Nick Carter in one scene, and is then seen answering the door naked to model ex-boyfriend Jason Shaw.

In the video, Hilton reportedly jokes, whilst puffing on a cannabis joint, "Paris Hilton part two: how to roll a joint!"

A source tells the newspaper, "Paris knew she was being filmed but didn't care. She'll do anything to make sure all eyes are on her."

Just months ago a separate tape featuring Hilton having sex with ex-lover RICK SALOMON was released.

Watch Paris Hilton in New Video

26/09/2004 21:07