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Pamela Courson (born December 22, 1946; died April 25, 1974)
Pamela Courson was the long term partner of The Doors' singer, Jim Morrison.

Childhood: Pamela Courson was born in Weed, California. Although she performed well at school as a child, she was caught truanting when she hit junior high. She attended Orange High School, which she hated and her grades gradually fell. Courson got an apartment with a friend in Los Angeles at the age of 16. She was rumoured to be the subject of the Neil Young song 'Cinnamon Girl'. She allegedly studied art at Los Angeles City College.

Career: Pamela Courson briefly owned a fashion boutique called Themis, which was bought for her by Jim Morrison.

Personal life: Pamela Courson began dating Jim Morrision in 1965 after meeting at the nightclub The London Fog on the Sunset Strip. Their relationship was marred by frequent arguments and infidelity. Following Morrison's death of a heart attack in 1971, she inherited his entire wealth. However, she was far from happy, frequently using heroin and becoming gradually mentally unstable. There are rumours that Courson even prostituted herself at this time in order to find her lifestyle. Pamela Courson died following a heroin overdose on April 25 1974. Courson's parents wanted her to be buried next to Morrison at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, however due to legal reasons, her ashes were instead buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California, in a cardboard box. Courson's parents inherited her fortune several months after her death. Morrison's parents later contested the Coursons' executorship of the estate, leading to additional legal battles.

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Bodyguard: 'Pamela Made Morrison Mad'

Jim Morrison PAMELA COURSON The Doors

Jim Morrison's longtime bodyguard TONY FUNCHES has poured scorn on the belief that the rock legend's girlfriend PAMELA COURSON was the love of his life - she was a pain. The Doors legend died in Paris, France, with Courson at his side after spending years dating her, but Funches insists Morrison's girlfriend wasn't the dreamy muse many of his fans think she was - she drove him mad. The minder explains, "Jim was just a regular guy trying to be a decent person and suffering from his own genius at what the world and government had and would become. "Normally he was quiet and calm... but we all dreaded Pamela attempting to show up. (She was like) fingernails on the blackboard. When she was around, Jim was not a person to be liked. She drove the guy up the wall and consequently the rest of us as well."

Doors Fans Can Now Stay At Jim's Last Us Home


Fans of tragic rocker Jim Morrison can now rent out THE DOORS star's last-known US address - and buy dirt from his garden.

Realtor CHERI WOODS stumbled across the West Hollywood apartment block Morrison and his girlfriend PAMELA COURSON called home in 1970 while she was looking for a property to develop.

She had no idea of the block's connection to rock history until her new tenants started referring to apartment 8216 as `Morrison's Place.'

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Jim Morrison's Parents Take The Doors To Court


Deceased rocker JIM MORRISON'S parents have sued the remaining members of THE DOORS - claiming that by re-forming the band with CULT singer Ian Astbury on vocals they have "maliciously misappropriated" the name.

GEORGE and CLARA MORRISON claimed breach of contract, unfair competition and trademark infringement in a LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and to put a stop to the new incarnation of the band.

The lawsuit says, "Over the past 37 years the legendary rock band the Doors has become one of the most distinctive names in contemporary music.

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Pamela Courson

Pamela Courson Quick Links

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22nd December, 1946





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