Pamela Anderson has written a poem about her heartbreak.

The 'Baywatch' favourite posted a cryptic stream of consciousness piece on her Facebook page after news broke that she was divorcing Rick Salomon for the second time, just six months into their marriage.

The lengthy first-person essay, posted yesterday (08.07.14) but dated July 1, 2014, sees a confused Pamela put her feelings in writing about the unrealistic notion of holy matrimony and failing to find happiness despite her best efforts.

She mused: ''Our true character, collective complexities. / childish activities - / patterns- genetics? Attention deficit- /- ...SEX ... a lost art- a sickness- / Perversions- / Lost sensuality - The cruel smell of orange blossoms.../ I love being in love- but expectations, / make it impossible to be happy- / or satisfied... / I've tried... so hard.. / maybe it's not in fashion- / Tradition...just seemed so romantic..., / I guess it's a used up ideal - for the old fashion.../ not modern.''

Pamela, 47, seems to imply infidelity when she paints a picture of a ''secret life'', slipping out of a hotel room in the early hours of the morning.

She writes: ''What have I done...? /I knew it was wrong from the start- / primitive- base instinct..''

The actress - who first married Rick in October 2007 before having their union annulled in February 2008, and announced earlier this year she had secretly remarried the poker player - proves herself to be an experimental writer, employing tactics like an external narrator, who she describes as ''a deep voiced sexy black guy'' to help tell her story.

Pamela - who was also previously married to Tommy Lee, the father of her two sons, and Kid Rock - blames herself for the breakdown of her union and the feeling of ''discontent'' that spoiled the couple's ''obsessive love''.

She rages: ''o frustrated- / burning... questions.../ No man knows what to do with me- /I blame myself''.

The poem was well received by her fans, who were amazed by her creative genius and pledged their undying love for her.

One wrote: '' are as intelligent as you are beautiful. You were wasted on all the men you loved... Wasted.''