Trust nobody, even those who provide such simple services as developing that roll of film from your beloved child's birthday party. You never fully know the lives of those who provide the basic needs of life, and what you overlook could be highly dangerous. The supposed innocuousness of those only tangentially connected to you in daily activities is an interesting premise to start with, but One Hour Photo falls short of revealing anything intriguing about human nature. After a fascinating starting point, it follows the straight and narrow of easily recognizable human flaws, practically boring itself in the process with one punctuated brooding scene after another.

See, Sy (Robin Williams) is the friendly neighborhood photo developer. He leads a lonely life, but finds solace in the happy portraits he's produced for his customers over the past 11 years. Becoming specifically attached to the Yorkins (Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartan) because Nina has actually smiled and yapped with him, his obsessive tendencies are pushed into high gear when he finds their home isn't as picture perfect as it seems.

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