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The Man With the Iron Fists Review


Rapper-turned-actor-turned-filmmaker RZA is clearly influenced by cohorts Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth as he indulges in this crazed pastiche of 1970s kung fu action romps. It's energetic and often quite funny, but far too silly to come together properly, mainly because he never adds any sense of post-modern wit. If the action scenes were more coherent, it at least could have been a guilty pleasure.

In a 19th century Chinese village, an American ex-slave (RZA) is known only as Blacksmith, forging weapons for gang members to raise the money to buy his girlfriend Lady Silk (Chung) from the local brothel's Madam Blossom (Lucy Liu). But their fate is caught up in a battle for power after the patriarch of the Lion clan is murdered and the swaggering Silver Lion (Mann) challenges rightful heir Zen Li (Yune). After a vicious attack by Silver Lion's muscled henchman Brass Body (Bautista), Zen Li is rescued by Blacksmith. And they get help from Englishman Jack Knife (Crowe) to fight Silver Lion and his thugs.

The title refers to something that happens about halfway in, when Blacksmith forges new arms for himself after being attacked by Silver Lion for helping Zen Li. This sets the stage for an orgy of metal-on-metal battling (there are also bronze and copper characters), leading to a clattering showdown between Blacksmith and Brass Body, who for some inexplicable reason can morph his body into, yes, brass. As such a wild fantasy, it's not surprising that the plot makes so little sense, although a bit more genuine character depth would have helped hold our interest.

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The Man With The Iron Fists Trailer

'The Man with the Iron Fists' tells the tale of a blacksmith in the 1800s who forges intricate weaponry in the tiny Chinese village where he lives. He has an extensive knowledge of the trade and understands that weapon forging needs three things: the right metal, sky high temperatures and a killer. He lands himself in the situation where he is forced to defend the people around him, joining forces with warriors and assassins, as they arm themselves against a treachery which puts him and the villagers under serious threat. The blacksmith uses his remarkable skills in order to control an ancient power to transform himself into the ultimate human weapon.

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Picture - Pam Grier , Friday 22nd November 2013

Pam Grier Friday 22nd November 2013 5th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon held at Beverly Hills Hotel

Pam Grier

Corman's World Trailer

American director Roger Corman is one of the film industry's most influential directors. Born in 1926, he is best known for the numerous low budget B movies which he has directed. Not only is he influential to many of Hollywood's great directors, Corman has also launched the careers of William Shatner; Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro, to name but a few.

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Larry Crowne Review

A painfully squishy centre completely undoes this rom-com, although it's difficult to know what might have made it less goofy. The diminished dual star-wattage of Hanks and Roberts just about makes it watchable.

After being sacked for his lack of a degree, Larry (Hanks) enrols in a community college. There isn't much else going on in his life, so he dives into his studies: Mercedes (Roberts) teaches speech, while Dr Matsutani (Takei) teaches economics. When Larry downsizes to a scooter to save money, he befriends the cool scooter-riding Talia (Mbatha-Raw), who gives him a style makeover. He also joins her biker gang, led by her boyfriend Gordo (Valderrama). Meanwhile, Mercedes is struggling with her marriage to Dean (Cranston). So maybe she and Larry can help each other outside the classroom as well.

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Larry Crowne Trailer

Larry Crowne is one of the best employees at the local big-box store where he works and he's been named as 'store employee of the month' for the past 8 months, however when Larry meets with his bosses he receives some unwelcome news. In an effort to downsize the company Larry is laid off.

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Picture - Pam Grier Washington DC, USA, Friday 6th May 2011

Pam Grier Friday 6th May 2011 arriving at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport early this morning to catch a flight. The Jackie Brown star was in town to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Washington DC, USA

Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier

Just Wright Trailer

Sometims the girl just doesn't get her dream guy, and for Leslie this has always been the case. A physiotherapist by trade, she's got to the point in her life where she's all but given up on finding true love. However, when she meets NBA All-Star Scott McKnight she can't believe how perfect he is, the only problem is Scott doesn't notice Leslie's attempts to woo him, instead he turns to her beautiful best friend Morgan to seek affection. Finally Leslie accepts that her best friend is going to get the guy and she'll let again be left alone.

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Picture - Pam Grier Chicago, USA, Friday 11th June 2010

Pam Grier Friday 11th June 2010 signs copies of her new book 'Foxy: My Life In Three Acts' at Borders bookstore on State Street Chicago, USA

Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier
Pam Grier

Picture - Pam Grier, Rose Rollins, Daniella... New York City, USA, Saturday 1st November 2008

Pam Grier and Rose Rollins - Pam Grier, Rose Rollins, Daniella Sea New York City, USA - The LGBT Community Center's 25th Anniversary and 11th Annual Women's Event held at Pier 60 - Arrivals Saturday 1st November 2008

Picture - Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Rose... New York City, USA, Saturday 1st November 2008

Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier and Rose Rollins - Jennifer Beals, Pam Grier, Rose Rollins, Daniella Sea New York City, USA - The LGBT Community Center's 25th Anniversary and 11th Annual Women's Event held at Pier 60 - Arrivals Saturday 1st November 2008

On the Edge (1985) Review

For 100 years, the Dipsea has been one of running's most grueling races -- seven miles along unpaved forest trails from inland to the Pacific Ocean in Mill Valley, California, going up and down two mountains en route.

On the Edge uses the Dipsea (here called the Cielo Sea) as the backdrop for this sports fable, and it's a far cry from films like Chariots of Fire. Bruce Dern (himself a real runner) stars as Wes Holman, a disgraced athlete who blew the whistle on amateur payola and ended up taking the fall for it. Despite external pressures and being a little out of shape, Holman trains for the race, the reasons and motivations of which form the core of the movie.

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Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey Review

Alex Winter, where art thou dude? At a time when even Pauley Shore can make a Weasel-free comeback, you are still wandering in the wilderness. For those who clocked out after Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey I have only one word, Freaked. Can you believe that Ortiz the Dog boy is now saving the world on a yearly basis? Bogus, dude.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was a tremendous hit in 1989 and a sequel was immediately in the works. Where the first film took our stoner heroes through time, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey upped the ante and took them to hell. Literally, the original title of the film was Bill & Ted Go to Hell. The plot is awash in weird humor and outlandish gags as Bill and Ted attempt to defeat two evil robotic versions of themselves, avoid death, save history, and otherwise remain cool.

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Foxy Brown Review

Pam Grier's most notorious role as the title character in Foxy Brown is a cult classic that's best enjoyed with your tongue firmly in cheek and your political correctness gene locked out in the backyard. Stilted acting, absurd sexual shenanigans, and enough hair and wardrobe changes to keep a dozen costumers busy all combine to create a memorable and quite silly moviegoing experience. Plot is minimal: Foxy is looking for revenge when her boyfriend gets shot. And what Foxy wants, she gets. Meanwhile, we get a "whole lotta woman," and not much else.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash Review

The year is 2080 and not a damn thing has changed - wannabes still roam the universe looking for a gig, clubs still try to make a small budget look like a big one, and most movies still suck... this one in particular.

Eddie Murphy is, you guessed it, Pluto Nash... present club owner and former smuggler extraordinaire. As it starts, Pluto has been out of prison a week, already saving the lives of Polish accordion players in kilts, negotiating bookies into lending him millions of dollars, and turning the worst bar on the moon into the satellite's hottest nightclub. Cut to seven years later and Pluto's club is hot, the jokes aren't, and a charming wannabe singer comes into the club looking for work, about five minutes before it gets blown up, leaving only Pluto, the singer, and an antiquated security robot named Bruno (Randy Quaid).

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