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Trick Daddy - Thug matrimony: married to the streets - Album Review

Thug matrimony: married to the streets

Crunk hip-hop is here to stay and Trick Daddy (aka the ‘Mayor of Miami’) represents Miami crunk in style on ‘Thug Matrimony’. Even if you’re not a crunk head yourself, I defy you to stop your head from nodding while playing this record.

Now a big star, Trick has been able to entice a plethora of artists into providing their own contributions to the album, most notably from

Trick Daddy - Thug matrimony: married to the streets - Album Review

Ludacris and Ron Isley. Ludacris features on the exceptional Sugar (Gimme Some), seemingly an ode to his last conquest and a lesson to all future ones! Ron Isley lends his tear-jerking tones to I Cry and the brothers would definitely be proud.

Venturing deeper into the album Trick’s social conscience becomes apparent. These are the Days, U Wanna Sangand The Children’s Song are all aspirational songs teaching kids to “hold on to your dreams”, a message that Trick feels is not impressed enough on kids in school or at home.

‘Thug Matrimony’ comes to a climax with the club anthem Down Wit Da South. The perfect song to get a party started and fill dance floors. A real booty-shaking-floor-filler!

Trick Daddy fans will love this album.


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