Tough at Ten
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Tough at Ten - Video Streams

Every weekday evening from 10 pm, until July 2nd, Sky Movies will be showing the toughest action films in recent years as part of their Tough at Ten season.

With Euro 2004 in full swing throughout the month of June, Tough at Ten will be the perfect end to a night of high testosterone - win, lose or draw.

Highlights from the season include such high octane, adrenaline pushing, action packed movies as Black Hawk Down, 28 Days Later, xXx and Resident Evil.

So, why not kick back with Reign of Fire after England have done the same on Switzerland? Cause some havoc with Vin Diesel after England have kicked the xXx out of Croatia? Or how about teaming up with Wesley Snipes in Blade II after fending off our quarter-final opponents, not to mention defeating zombies in our semi final, before 28 Days Later?

The films being shown are:-


Mon 7 - Bad Boys SM2
8 - Broken Arrow SM2
9 - Eight Legged Freaks SM2
10 - Collateral Damage SM2
11 - Windtalkers SM2

14 - Jet Li's The One SM2 (Denmark V Italy, Sweden V Bulgaria)
15 - Resident Evil SM2 (Czech Republic V Latvia, Germany V Holland)
16 - Kiss The Dragon SM2 (Greece V Spain, Russia V Portugal)
17 - Reign of Fire SM2 (England V Switzerland, Croatia V France)
18 - Mission: Impossible SM1 (Bulgaria V Denmark, Sweden V Italy)

21 - xXx SM2 (England V Croatia, France V Switzerland)
22 - Spider-Man SM1 (Italy V Bulgaria, Denmark V Sweden)
23 - Black Hawk Down SM1 (Holland V Latvia, Czech Republic V Germany)
24 - I Spy SM2 (England Quarter Final if 2nd in Group)
25 - Blade II SM2 (England Quarter Final if 1st in Group)

28 - Halloween: Resurrection SM2
29 - Jason X SM1
30 - 28 Days Later SM1 (Possible England Semi-Final)
1 Jul - Road to Perdition SM1 (Possible England Semi-Final)
2 - Red Dragon SM1

Tough at Ten - Video Streams
Tough at Ten - Video Streams
Tough at Ten - Video Streams
Tough at Ten - Video Streams
Tough at Ten - Video Streams
Tough At Ten - Video Streams
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1. Resident Evil Trailer
2. Resident Evil Interviews - Milla Jovovich
3. Red Dragon Trailer
4. Red Dragon Interviews – Hopkins and Norton
5. Road To Perdition Trailer
6. Road To Perdition Interviews – Hanks and Newman