Tim Burgess - I believe in the Spirit
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Tim Burgess - I believe in the Spirit - Single Review

Reports confirm that Tim Burgess has been hiding out in LA for several years now - and in this single, it definitely shows.

Constantly referring to how great California is, he unfortunately seems to have found God in America at what could possibly be the most un-cool time to do so - this almost sounds like a publicity song for why people should start getting back into the swing of Americana.

This happy-clappy offering is a semi-surprising soulful departure from the Charlatans featuring what ultimately ends up being an unfulfilling mix of porn-groove saxophone and some lacklustre layers of percussion. Coupled with no actual recognisable structure to the track, all that's left is his melody, which, whilst is kind of catchy at times, doesn't really hold it all together as much as fans could hope for.


Music - Tim Burgess - I believe in the Spirit - Single Review