Tim Burgess - Only a Boy
Tim Burgess - Only a Boy - Single Review

Tim Burgess
Only a Boy

Tim Burgess is very happy with his lot and he wants everybody to know it. The title track is jaunty and totally happy and a cross between pop, reggae and ska. It’s OK until Burgess starts singing, then it goes downhill fast because he’s adopted this intensely irritating, high pitched voice that detracts from what is actually quite a decent tune. ‘Wait Until the Sun Shines Irie’ is better and totally laid back oozing Jamaican Reggae except Burgess isn’t Jamaican so at times the vocals don’t quite work but they do suit for the most part. Add to that the sunny atmosphere coming from this record and it isn’t half-bad.

Tim Burgess - Only a Boy - Single Review

‘Rough Time’ is completely different to the other two, as an acoustic track about his wife whom he loves very much. I would even go so far as to say that this track is a little downcast. It would be a nice little song if it weren’t for the high pitched vocals in the chorus as he tries to be bluesy and fails completely. Altogether, ‘Only a Boy’ comes across as a smug single that could have been done much better.

Natasha Perry


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