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The Game - The Documentary - Album Review

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The Documentary

The Game is set to be the next 50 Cent. Straight out of Compton, yes the ‘real deal’, The Game has got all the best backing him, from Dre to G-Unit. This is quite a feat in hip hop terms, that we have a West Coast rapper with all the support from the East Coast. I suppose it’s because in a time of diluted hip hop, P-Diddy and pop-hip hop, the community embraces a true street MC with the true essence of the culture and its edge.

The Game - The Documentary - Album Review

It’s clear The Game has got that street angst in his vocal delivery. There’s no messing, his flexing is serious and he’s got that punch to make an impression on the thugs, players and boys wanting to be cool. His lyrics have got soul, feeling and a bit of bad boy controversial expression that we love hip hop for. He is a skilled MC with control of his flow and attitude.

What’s most striking about this debut for me is the array of guests on it, like Mary J.Blige, Nate Dogg and of course 50 Cent who makes a few appearances. ‘We Ain’t’ features Eminem that really highlights Slim Shady still showing immense skills and makes for one of the best tracks on the album for me. Kanye West’s production on ‘Dreams’ gives his stamp on ‘The Documentary’ and creates a nice interlude from some of the in ya’ face heavy productions on this album.

Overall ‘The Documentary’ is a well rounded album with lots of different shades but all true to the underground essence of hip hop. 50 Cent certainly paved the way for this kind of MC. What’s good is that it strays away from the ‘bling’ thing and focuses on honest expression with the bite of a heavyweight rapper. He seems to lack the slickness that Big Daddy Kane had however he’s gonna appeal to a whole lot of newly established fans of hip hop from the Shady Aftermath.

Tareck Ghoneim


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